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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jump Attack Hall Strike Hahahaha!!!!!!!

Okay It Happen Again This Time At Hall During Singing Practice With All Friend For Performance That Will Come Soon ^ ^ Everything Done During Break Time So Me With Friend  
"Leslie Jvon" Grab Our Gear To Play Around Hehe So This Is What We Manage To Capture ^ ^(Thank You To Bro Leslie For The Shot Too ^ ^)
And This Time I Have To Awesome Friend Queennera And Christyne Join The Queue Too Hahahaha 

As Usual Will Never Missed To Jump Hahahahahaha

Wah..........!!!!!!!! Open Your Eyes Hahahahaa

The Power Of Chi.......Kikikikikiki

Have You Ever Thought Your Partner A Friend Or Foe ???? Hahahahahah

Welll That's It A Jump That Will Never Stop Yeah!!!!!!
Till Then Keep On Cracking For New Post
Thank You


Richard C. M said...

Bro..! Plleeeaaassssseeee Laaaaaa... Please keep on jumpingggg.. yehaa..!

pSyce!pHotography said...

Hahahahaha I Wil Bro YeeehAaaaaaaaa hahahahaha!!!

Mahira's Photography. said...

haha love this post :)

pSyce!pHotography said...

Thank You Friend ^ ^