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Sunday, October 10, 2010

JumpJump Jump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hehehe.......Jump Is Fun.Jump Is Great And Jump Is Awesome.....So Me With My Friend(Wan Hippo Sappuhtui) Do Something Really Fun ^ ^ Well It's Simple. We Went To Some Place And CaptureThe Jump Motion On Still ^ ^. So I'm The Who Keep On Jump And I Feel Fun Hahahaha

So This Is The Photo Been Capture ^ ^



Fun At Hallaway ^ ^

I Told You Not Go There Hahahahaha 

Okay I Have To Jump To Pass My Passport Hehe 

Okay I Feel Full But Still I Want To Eat Kentucky Huhu

I Was Jump For 3 Hours But My Filght Not Arrived Yet!!!! Haha

 Welcome To KK Airport Opps I Already Here Damn Hehe

If U Don't See Any Luggage At Trolley Then U Have Poor Eyes Hahahaha

It's Time To Go For Lunch Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why U Dun Wait For Me U Dummer!!!!!!!! Hahaha

Well At Last I Can Eat Puas2!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha

All N All Our Journey Was Awesome And We Will
Attack More Location To Leave Our memory There ^ ^
Memory Is Precious....

Anyway I Wanto Thank You My Bro Wan Hippo Sappuhtui
To Get The Best Shot Yeah!!!!!!!!!


Keep Cracking For More Post ^ ^


Mahira's Photography. said...


This is very very cool! :D

You should do an animation of this, because with the same pose and different locations, it'll look like you travelled back in time ^^

PsyceQueen said...

Will Considered IT Friend I Get The Idea Too After I Scrol The At My Friend 50D Punya Best Hahahaha

Syed [rumput yang hijau] said...

cool! jump like u dont care! you should make a stupid silly cool beat for this series. then use morphing software for each photo hahahhahahah its gonna be great!

oh one more thing. ko boleh link blog ke dalam FB note. so setiap kali ko ada new post di blog. dia akan automatic keluar di FB.

StellaClaire-Richard said...

hahaha..so funny.. your jump style mostly the same. Funny to see your leg like tht..

PsyceQueen said...

Bilal : Thank You Bro The Info Will Think More About Hahahaha

Stella : Hehehe Really Enjoy To Jum Like That Hahahaha Come On We Jump Attack At KK Hahahahah