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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Lost Period I've Done

Yeah...Once Again I Have Been Absence Here For One Period Time....But Still I Did Some Photoshoot...And I Made Exclusively For My Facebook Album And Photography Page N Now I Will Share It Here My Work During My Absence Here In My Blog ^ ^

Those A Shot During A Week Before Harvest Festival....The Concert Are Made To Make The Event Are More Eventful And Cultural Since The Event Become A Tourism Attraction 

So This Is One Of Shot I Want To You Guys ^ ^

Next Is My Conceptual Photography Theme With Three Persona In It
The Theme Is :

Melissa Tatiana Lupang (Tena)
Natasha Lupang (Nata)
Orlando Conrad (Lando)

This Is Some Of My Work I've Done Last Month And It Was Awesome To Do Something Out Of Bowl...With Some Extra Work Next Time ^ ^