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Monday, May 16, 2011

Puppy Oh,,,Puppy

Yeah Very Cute Puppy 
I Wish I Can Hug Them 24 Hours Hahahaha
Okay Those Now At My Friends House Rite Now 
So This Is A Shot I Manage To Capture ^ ^

Eeeeeeee.........Okay That's All I Can't Stand It Hahahahaha

Sunday, May 15, 2011

pSyce ! loMo

Well I Start Play With Lomo Since 2006 When I Find Out How To Play With My "1998 Color Mix Camera" But I Didn't Play It Seriously So I Have A Lack Of Lomo Photo From 5 Years Back. But I Start Play With Lomo Again When I Saw A "Diana F" Advertisement Around Middle Year Of 2009 So I'm Dying Try To Get One For Me Hahahaha But When I Find Out It Only Use 43mm Film I Stop My Intention To Get It Coz It's Really Hard To Find The Film Huhu.....

Okay Let's Make It Short I Have A Few Shot Done Few Days Ago And Also Today So Check It Out ^ ^

Note : Film Been Develop And Scan At "Evergreen Photo Color Shop "

         2011 Down To 1995.......
The Tone Is Really Similar With My Mom Old Picture ^ ^
Sunshine In Lomo ^ ^
Bring Memories ??
Window Of Memories
Overblown With Fun Hehe ^ ^

Yes...This Is It Lomo Mode 
Now I Have One More Gadget To Add Haha
Yashica Lomo Soon ^ ^

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Short Trip

Yup A Very Short Trip To Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre For SYD(Sabah Youth Day) - 3 Recollection To Discuss About The Preparation For The Event Next Year And I'm One Of The Documentation Member.
So...I Manage To Capture Something That Pull My Attention Around The Retreat Centre.

So....This Is It 

    How I Wish This Orchid Around My House ^ ^

An Orchid Come From "Orchidoideae" Family Species

Quite Common For Everyone But Why Not We Keep It As Record Rite ^ ^

So That's One Of The Shot I Can Share Rite Now. Will Post More Stuff 
From There And Will Consider To Go Back There To Do Something More Interesting ^ ^