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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Orchid

Im A Fan Of Orchid But Sadly I Didnt Manage To Learn about Their Scientific And Family Species Name 
But Yeah Orchid Captivate Me Much Because As Sabahan And Borneo People I Am Very Proud That More Than 3000 Native Species In Borneo Island Alone And More Than 1000 New Kind Of Orchid Species Can Be Trace In Borneo Itself 

Well This Is It :-)

The View Of The Smallest Orchid Of Borneo And In The World :-)

Really Feel Bad Cant Focus It To Much :-(

 Indeed Orchid Have Many Kind Of Faces 

The Dancing Orchid Hee...U Will Understand Why This Species Been Call Like That When Look At It Carefully :-)

I Have Few More Shot But I Will Show It More In My Next Post 

Stay Tuned :-)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Marion St Joan

Yeah....This Is My First Outing After Three Month Halting My Activity And Yeah I Feel Great And Glad Can Back In The Line Again...

Anyway Let Me Explain About Her.

Her Name Is Marion St Joan :-)

All I Can Say Is She Is Very Natural In Express Her Expression 

And This Is It :-)

That Is Her. 
With A Big Smile That Would Made Your Day 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Long Way Back To Show You More Here..

Such A Ridiculous Period Of My Absence Here...Since Last Year And Few Of My 
Work From November  Last Year Not Even Appear Here

Well This Is Gonna Be A Long Page To Show You Here But I Will Show What I Think Is The Best :-)

Now Let Me Start With The Two Sisters 

Talent :
Marylin Blasius
Michelle Blasius

This Is One Of My Last Portrait Photo shoot From Last Year And Yeah They Are Sweet And Lovely :-)

Yeah From That Moment Most Of My Client Are Requested To Keep Their Photo Private And It Keep For 3 Three Month Until I Fall Sick And I Do A Comeback Again 

Now I Bring The Period Forward To May During Harvest Festival :-)

This Is Few During Unduk Ngadau And There Is More In My Archive 

Those Are Already Uploaded In My Facebook :-)

Congratulation To The Winner And Also Who Made To Final :-)

All I Can Say 2013 Is Not My Impressive Year. Due To My Other Commitment I Can Manage To Follow And Join Few Event And Done Few Portfolio But I Never Put Myself 100% Stop
Will Keep On Up My Work And Always

Now Is My Recently Shot From KK Jazz Festival :-)

Such A Nice And Awesome Concert...Jazz Will Always Soul :-)

Wel Then I Will Update Few More As I Back In The Line