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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Past Work ( Time Lapse Photography )

Another previous work i've done before and i use to post it here to but since I've a clearance of my blog so all my previous post completely vanish.

So This My Is One Of My Early Time Lapse Work Been Done Around September 2009
Where I Use My Digital Camera Nikon Coolpix S10 Every Shot Been Interval Every 30 Second Which I Really Require A Very Long Time. So I've Done The Shot In Different Time And Day But Still Maintain The Mode And The Story Which Is Not Been Plan To. I Start Realize Everything Become A Story When Those Shot Become One Complete Video With Background Music That Have A Same Plot Along With The Time Lapse Shot.
So In Below Is The Work I'm Talking About ^ ^

And This Is The Second Work I've Done Rite After One Month I've Done The First Shot

As For Myself I Feel Glad Done This At My University Because They Will Move To The New Location And The Current Location Will Not Be Use Anymore. So This Is My Story About The Journey Of Time Lapse At University Tun Abdul Razak Sabah Regional 2009^ ^

Friday, August 27, 2010

My First Video Photo Slideshow

Well It's Not Really A First One Hehe.
Those Photo Are Around This Year And Lot Of Thing I Doscover Too ^ ^
So Have A Look
Thank You ^ ^

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10000 Step To Health Penampang

An Event Held End Month Of July Ago...I Almost Forget To Post This Event Coverage So Today I Post It.Well As Been Say, 10000 Walk Step Held At Penampang Sport Complex Sabah. The Participant Only Have To Walk Until 10000 Step According To The Path They Will Pass On The Event.The Only One Purpose For This Event Is To Encourage People To Live In Healthy Way By Exercise.This Is The First Time Walk Event Ever Happen Where Usually Only Jogathon Or Any Sport Event Been Organize Previously. It's Been Drizzle A Bit On That Day But It Stop Later And The Walk Very Well Until The End

Below A Photo Been Capture By Me That Day Where I've Been There Since 6.00 Am

Warm Up  Session Before The Walk Start 
The High Spirit Participant 
One Of YB Who Join The Event

During The Walk Around 8.45am 
Police Officer On Duty 
The View Of The Crowd On The Road ^ ^
One Guy Wave His Hand To Camera 

Note : To Anyone Who Ask Me A Photo That Sorry For Late Deliver I Will Try To Handle All Those Early Month Of September.....Once Again Please Accept My Apology.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two Days Ago ^ ^

Well Two Days Ago Was Really Fun Got Brought My Gear For Capture Some Picture At Two Event For Badminton Match And Outing Photography With Friend.

So Below Are Photo Been Taken Two Days Ago ^ ^

And Those Were Yesterday ^ ^

Talent : Natalie Martina Edang 
 Theme : Freestyle Inspiration 
(Honest Expression Make More Things Comes Alive ^ ^ )

Well Those Are My Shot I've Taken And As Usual I Let My Self Inspired By Everything So Let's Inspire Each Other ^ ^

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bring Back My Previous Work

Well I Have Some Work Been Publish At Facebook And Youtube And Here Before But I Didn't Manage It properly coz quite lazy to update last time so bring time lapse video back here.
Time Lapse Is One Of photography technique that bring picture come alive. It also close to stop motion and animation technique coz it share the same idea but the different is time lapse need to set a particular time depend on the situation or object we want to shoot

So...This Is One Of My Work I've Recently At Kota Kinabalu ^ ^

I've Lot Of Plan To Do Another Time Lapse And Stop Motion But Currently Have To Stay Down Coz My Camera Need A Rest Since I Use Often.....But Will Be Back In Action Soon


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warhol Art Photography

Well Warhol Is Retro Drawing Signature By Andy Warhol That mesmerize art lover. I always try to draw something similar to it but i am hopeless since i'm not really good in drawing or sketching so i try do it with photoshop. I take one of my ridiculous photo of me to make create a Warhol mode of it so this it ^ ^

This Work Been Done On 2006 With Plain Background Before So I Put Something At The Back To Make It Interesting. I Hope So hahahahaha and Still,My Face Look So Ridiculous Here HUHU

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shoot Me Or I Shoot You ^ ^

Well this is a first post after the previous post to mention about Re-incarnate my blog hehe.
So as the head tell "Shoot Me Or I Shoot You", that's how I want to express my favorite pose hehe.
The Pointing Somehow give me a big satisfaction and really make me happy coz maybe it's effect to watch a lot of undercover theme movie or maybe some other reason that I can't even explain.

SO This Is Manage To Shoot Currently And Previously ^ ^

 Well Like I Said Shoot Me Or I Shoot You ^ ^