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Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Watermark N Few Work - Rest For A While

Yeah...I Hope I'm Not To Late To Wish My Muslim Friend 
Have A Blessed Fasting Month ^ ^

Anyway I want To Introduce My New Alternate Logo N Watermark
My Current Watermark Are Still On Use For My Any Work And My New Watermark Also In Use For My Any Shot And Official Shot ^ ^

Okay There's A Few Shot I Made With My Friend So This Is It ^ ^

Vintage Is One Of My Favorite Mode And Its Amazing To Have A Moment Of It ^ ^

Cast :
pSyce bOrneo
Orlando Conrad
Danny Junior
Daniel Dan 

Credit To: 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Face Painting - Making Myself Look Ugly

Yeah....Painting..............My Recent Work That Involve Myself To Paint My Face Hahahaha 
I've Thinking My This Idea For A While But I Just Let Play In My Mind Only
Finally I Have Make My Mode Through It So This Is It ^ ^

Cast :
Danny Junior (DannyBoy)
Daniel George(Den92)
Orlando Conrad(Landosky7)
pSyce bOrneo(pSyce7 - pSyce pHotogrpahy)

More Similar Session Will Be Set Up Soon And This Time Adorable Girl Hahahaa