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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pick More.......

I Guess I Will Halt This Session Hahahahaha Nah.........I Will Continue To Post More My Favorite Pick ^ ^

Well Those Capture With Two Digicam (Nikon Coolpix S10 "RIP") And (Canon Powershot A400)
I Still Praise This Two Camera With Their Own Advantage And If U Saw Me Hold A Lot Of Digicam In My Bag.....I Dun Mind What People Say Hehehehehe

So Here It Is ^ ^

This Shot Been Capture Around 6am At My Grandpa Home With My Canon Powershot A400. What I'm Doing Here Is Create A Time Lapse Shot The Flower But I Didn't Work Out A Bit . But StillI Manage To Capture The Grass Motion And I Start To Understand About Science A Bit Hehehe. I Wish My S10 Will Comeback Alive Soon Huhu

And This One Been Capture With My Broken Nikon Coolpix S10. Until Now I Still Feel Very Stunned With The Result Since The Camera Autofocus Are To Slow And Been Confirm By Professional Too. So Do You Still Want To Say Digicam Are To Bad?? Well I Would Say No.Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Well All I Can Say Is Pick What Is The Best For You Coz Not All Of Us Gonna Run All The Time Rite?? Hehehehe

Till Then Keep On Cracking On My Post After Two Weeks Maybe I Will Post Some Simple Stuff While I'm Away ^ ^

See Yaa!!!!!!

Will Be Away For A Moment

Hehe Two Weeks From Now I Will Not Often To Update My BLog For A Moment Coz I Will Busy With My Simple Project And I Will Update After Two Weeks ^ ^

But Still I Will Post For Favorite Pick Tommorrow ^ ^

Till Then Keep On Cracking For New Post ^ ^

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Bring Something To Show ^ ^

Well I Dun Have Any Special Work To Show Now Coz I'm Still Sick Huhu.....And I Guest I Have An Ulcer Inside My Throat Huhu.......

Previously I Have Mention That My Nikon Coolpix S10 Was Broken And It's Not Gonna Be Fix At This Moment Coz The Repair Cost Is To Expensive Huhu But I Swear That Camera Will Be Fix In The Future Coz I Really Love It ^ ^

Well I Also Mention That I Will Buy A New Camera For Replace My Broken Camera. I Did But It Will Fill The Zero Position Now Coz It Dun The Criteria To Do So Hehe.....So.....The Purpose I Buy It Is For My Convenient In The Future. ^ ^

So Let Me Introduce My New Eyes Of Me ^ ^

This Is Nikon Coolpix L21....Yes This Picture From Nikon Official Website And I Own The Same Colour Too Hehe......Pretty Weird A Guy Own Pink Camera......But I Dun Care !!!!!!!! Hahahahaha
Well It Is Very Small And  Lite. It Have A Basic Feature And Easy To Use But Unfortunately No Time Lapse Function Huhu...Hope It Will Have Firmware Update. So I Guest I Dun Have To Bring My DSLR All The Time Hehe I Can Keep This Inside My Pocket Too Yeah!!!!!!

Note: From Dpreview Review " This Camera Is Very Suitable For Those Who Noob About Camera And Those Who Want To Keep Their Camera In Purse " So If U One Of Them, Grab It.
U Wont Regret It ^ ^

Well This What I Can Show U Guys So Far And I Will Show More About My Activity Last Two Weeks Ago.

Till Then Keep On Cracking For New Post.

(Coming Soon : Used Canon Powershot A550 Will Be In The Family Anytime)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pick N Pick N Pick

Now I Pick Again Yeah.......(In Tired Mode) Just Recovered From Sickness.Really Hate I When I Get Sick Coz I Will Feel Sour All The Time Huhu.......But Now I'm Okay
^ ^

Okay This Week I'm Gonna Show Some Recent Work

So This Is It ^ ^

Those Are My HDR(High Dynamic Range) Photo. All Photo Been Capture When I Was At KL...............Okay Still In KL Mode Hehehe As Usual I Just Use Basic Move To Create It.
So Here Is One The HDR I Manage To Do ^ ^

A Shot When I Was At KLCC

This Shot Been Taken When I Was At Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

So That's It......
I'm Still In Recovery Mode So I Need A Rest A Bit hehe

Till Then Keep Cracking For New Post ^ ^

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Street Photography In Masjid India Night Market ^ ^

All Those Shot Been Capture When I Was At KL For My Graduation And There Is No Specific Theme Or Any Kind Of To Explain Those Shoot. I Also Want To Find Out How Far My Sony A200 Can Go During Night Shot And All N All It Was Average Well I Dun Care Since It Gave A Best Shot Too^ ^

Jalan Masjid India Night Market Are Held On Every Weekend On Saturday From Afternoon Until Mid-Night. A Lot Of Stuff We Can Find Here Especially Food,T-Shirt,Cheap Gadget And Many More (Note: Every Week Have It Own Surprise ^ ^)

One Of The Shop Offer A Very Cheap Price ^ ^

The View Of The Nite Market ^ ^

Walnut Anyone??

If Only I'm A Millionaire

"Kebab"!!!!!!!! Hehehehe Really Love The Taste ^ ^

I Get My Rare Hand phone Casing Here ^ ^

Do I Need To Go MCD Or Burger King Anymore????


I Bought My Self 3 T-Shirt From Here ^ ^

That's All For My KL Journey If I Have More To Share I Will ^ ^

Currently I'm Not In A Good Health So My Workflow Become Slow Again Huhu

Till Then Keep On Cracking For New Post

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Been Pick For.....Hhmm.......

I Didn't Post A Favorite Pick Of Mine Last Week ^ ^
So This Week I Will Continue To Pick Up Again....Hehehe

 This Golf Ball Was Capture Around My House Last Year. My Neighbour Is A Golf Fan And He Always Play Golf Around His House So Sometime A Lot Of His Golf Ball Fly To Our Place Hahahaha I Guess He Never Care Those Ball Fly Away. As long As I Remember,Almost More Than 50 Ball Been Found All The Time Since I Was Primary School. Damn Hahahahaha
But Now Those Ball Will Never Fly Away Anymore Since My Neighbour Seal The Cage With Zink Hahaha

This Is One Of My Early HDR(High Dynamic Range) Photo. Until Today I Still Considered The Best Among My HDR Photo. Why??? There No Halo Effect At All And The Detail Is Impressive To Me And Finally It Was Done With Single JPEG Photo Then I Create 4 Different Exposure From It ^ ^

Well That's It Another Piece Of Work From Me That Really Catch Me All The Time.

Till Then Check Out More Pick Next Week ^ ^

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

KL Jump Attack ^ ^

Hehe Really Love To Jump All The Time Until My Leg Get Pain Hahahhaa
So Those Shoot Been Capture During Convo Trip Few Days Ago. I Almost Not To Capture Since My Mom Insist That I'm Crazy And Fear Been Capture By DBKL Hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!

So This Is It.....Enjoy 

The Only Shot Capture At "LCCT" Airport Hahaha

Almost In front "KLCC" Entrance  Kekekeke


That's "KLCC" !!!!!!!!!! Kekekeke

I'l Past The After I Jump Hahahaha

One Man For 1 Malaysia ???? Kakakakaka

Well That's All For Now. I Will Post More Stuff During At KL Soon ^ ^


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Back From Nowhere ^ ^

Well I Just Back From KL For My Convocation To Bad I Dun Have A Broadband For My Laptop Hahahahaha. So Now I'm For More Fun Stuff Hehehehehe ^ ^
About My Convocation,It Was insane day Hahahaha I Can Even Capture A Photo With My Friend After The Occasion Since There Are More Than 5000 Graduate Along With Other College Huhuhu I Regret When I Didn't Shoot Early Morning Before The Convo Haaizzzzz..........But It's Okay Coz I Have Capture Several Photo At All Hahahahaha.

Well I Expect I Can Buy Some New Gear For My Sony But Sadly I Can Manage To Get One Since It Was Very10x Expensive!!!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhu. But I Still Manage To Get Some New Gadget At Cheap Price Hahahahaahaha!!!!!!

Okay That's All For Now
Till Then Keep Cracking My New Post ^ ^