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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Back From Nowhere ^ ^

Well I Just Back From KL For My Convocation To Bad I Dun Have A Broadband For My Laptop Hahahahaha. So Now I'm For More Fun Stuff Hehehehehe ^ ^
About My Convocation,It Was insane day Hahahaha I Can Even Capture A Photo With My Friend After The Occasion Since There Are More Than 5000 Graduate Along With Other College Huhuhu I Regret When I Didn't Shoot Early Morning Before The Convo Haaizzzzz..........But It's Okay Coz I Have Capture Several Photo At All Hahahahaha.

Well I Expect I Can Buy Some New Gear For My Sony But Sadly I Can Manage To Get One Since It Was Very10x Expensive!!!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhu. But I Still Manage To Get Some New Gadget At Cheap Price Hahahahaahaha!!!!!!

Okay That's All For Now
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