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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pick More.......

I Guess I Will Halt This Session Hahahahaha Nah.........I Will Continue To Post More My Favorite Pick ^ ^

Well Those Capture With Two Digicam (Nikon Coolpix S10 "RIP") And (Canon Powershot A400)
I Still Praise This Two Camera With Their Own Advantage And If U Saw Me Hold A Lot Of Digicam In My Bag.....I Dun Mind What People Say Hehehehehe

So Here It Is ^ ^

This Shot Been Capture Around 6am At My Grandpa Home With My Canon Powershot A400. What I'm Doing Here Is Create A Time Lapse Shot The Flower But I Didn't Work Out A Bit . But StillI Manage To Capture The Grass Motion And I Start To Understand About Science A Bit Hehehe. I Wish My S10 Will Comeback Alive Soon Huhu

And This One Been Capture With My Broken Nikon Coolpix S10. Until Now I Still Feel Very Stunned With The Result Since The Camera Autofocus Are To Slow And Been Confirm By Professional Too. So Do You Still Want To Say Digicam Are To Bad?? Well I Would Say No.Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Well All I Can Say Is Pick What Is The Best For You Coz Not All Of Us Gonna Run All The Time Rite?? Hehehehe

Till Then Keep On Cracking On My Post After Two Weeks Maybe I Will Post Some Simple Stuff While I'm Away ^ ^

See Yaa!!!!!!

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