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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Street Photography In Masjid India Night Market ^ ^

All Those Shot Been Capture When I Was At KL For My Graduation And There Is No Specific Theme Or Any Kind Of To Explain Those Shoot. I Also Want To Find Out How Far My Sony A200 Can Go During Night Shot And All N All It Was Average Well I Dun Care Since It Gave A Best Shot Too^ ^

Jalan Masjid India Night Market Are Held On Every Weekend On Saturday From Afternoon Until Mid-Night. A Lot Of Stuff We Can Find Here Especially Food,T-Shirt,Cheap Gadget And Many More (Note: Every Week Have It Own Surprise ^ ^)

One Of The Shop Offer A Very Cheap Price ^ ^

The View Of The Nite Market ^ ^

Walnut Anyone??

If Only I'm A Millionaire

"Kebab"!!!!!!!! Hehehehe Really Love The Taste ^ ^

I Get My Rare Hand phone Casing Here ^ ^

Do I Need To Go MCD Or Burger King Anymore????


I Bought My Self 3 T-Shirt From Here ^ ^

That's All For My KL Journey If I Have More To Share I Will ^ ^

Currently I'm Not In A Good Health So My Workflow Become Slow Again Huhu

Till Then Keep On Cracking For New Post


Jeremiah said...

Fuyoh. I would love to have eaten all that food :D

Nice photos too :)

pSyce!pHotography said...

Hahahahaha Seriously Makan10x HAhahahahaa

♥BelLa Ace♥ said...

wah! 3 t-shirt from the same shop! hehe..mau pigi la ni weekend.

pSyce!pHotography said...

Pigi la banyak juga design smart2 sana tuu ^ ^