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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kipandi Butterfly Garden

I Have Nothing To Do Today So I Want To Do Something. So I Went Out To Church Want Play Piano But Got Wedding Mass....CANCEL......So I Just Drive My Car Without Plan Inside My Head Then I Remember A Butterfly Garden Locate On Way To Tambunan Road.So, I Just Straight Away To That Place.

I Reach The Place Around 11.30am And I Have To Pay RM10.00 Ticket Before I Can Go Through.
Well It's Worth To Pay. I Get A Lot Of Information From The Guider.So I Went To Snap Some Photo Since I Brought My Camera Too. Well I Have To Say I'm Quite Disappoint With My Shot Coz Most Of It Out Of Focus Coz My Sigma 70-300mm Lens Sigma Still Can In Poor Condition. But Still I Can Manage To Get Nice Shot ^ ^.

Here A Some Photo I Manage To Shoot ^ ^

Well This Is One Of My Shot. All I Can Say Kipandi Butterfly Garden Is Awesome.
I Will Go There For Another Shoot At Morning So I Can Capture Them In Relax Mode ^ ^


Jeremiah said...

great shots :D Looks like a really place :)

PsyceQueen said...

Thanks Bro^ ^ I'm Gonna Back There Again Nda Puas Huhu Wish Can Get My Raynox Soon ^ ^

Jeremiah said...

whoops i meant to say really nice place xD

PsyceQueen said...

hahaha okay bha i still get it ^ ^

Jeremiah said...

hahaha!! :p