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Friday, September 10, 2010

Picture That Move ^ ^

Nothing Usual....Hehe Actually I Convert Some Of My Time Lapse and Stop Motion Work
To "Gif" Or  "Graphic Interchange Format". I Have Several Work That Not Been Upload Anywhere Bcoz I Make A Lot Of Consideration To Upload And At Last I Didn't Do It For Good Reason 4 Myself ^ ^. So Now I Decide To Upload It In Different Way So Now This Is It ^ ^

Anyway Those Who Know About My Plan 4 Five Series Of Time Lapse And Stop Motion Plan
I Will Continue To Do It Before End Of This Year Since I Have Make To Many Delay For This Project......^ ^

So This Is The Shoot Where I Never Post Anywhere ^ ^

Okay That's Me Hahaha. This Been Capture During
Street Photography Session Few Month Ago Hihi ^ ^


Hahaha This Is My Friend Wan Hippo Sappuhtui Or Somehow
I Can Call Him My Twin Brother  Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!


While My Other Friend Busy Take Still Picture,
This Is What I'm Doing Capture Those Boat Passing By Hehe.
This Shoot Been Capture Same Day I Went To Street Photography Session ^ ^
(Location : Taman Poket Kota Kinabalu Sabah )


Well This One Been Shoot During Christmas Church Mass Last Year. One Of My Last Attempt Before End Year Of 2009 ^ ^
(St Aloysius Limbanak Church Penampang Sabah)


Finally This Is A First Time Lapse Shoot For Year 2010
Where I Shoot 6.00am At 1st January 2010. Supposed I'm Gonna Shoot Time Lapse
Firework But Unfortunately I'm Stuck At My Friend House That Day Hahahaha But Still,
I Manage To Shoot "MoonSet" Hahahaha!!!!!!
(Location : Tanjung Aru Sabah )

That All I Can Show So Far Since To Many Shoot I've Done And All Miss Place Somewhere In My Hard Disk Drive. By The Way, Keep On Cracking On My Post.Soon I Will Run My Time Lapse And Stop Motion Project Soon ^ ^

Thank You
pSyce ^ ^