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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Few Missed Shot

Sometime I Forget To See Something That I Supposed To Check
In My Work And When It Happen I Never Check For Long Period Time

So This Is What I Get From My Archive.....

 This Pagoda Located At Tuaran Town Sabah.
I Have No Intention To Stop By  But The Artwork Of The Building
Along With The Temple Pull My Attention  So I Capture Some Photo For My Record ^ ^

This Shoot Been Around Month Of May 2010 During "Sabah Fest"
The Gentleman Here Is Playing The Traditional Music Instrument
I Was Amazed With The Music Direction Because Each Ethnic In Sabah
Have Their Own Music Direction And Amazingly Unique ^ ^

 Well This One Been Shoot Last Year End Of December. This Shot Been Inspire
By Chinese Kung Fu Film Where I Imagine This Pose For Few Days And Finally I
Ask My Younger Brother Become The Fighter Model ^ ^

So.....This Is A Few Of My Missed Shot Where I Almost Forget Will Dig Some More
Next time ^ ^

Anyway Keep On Cracking For New Time Lapse And Stop Motion From Me

Thank You.

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