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Thursday, September 9, 2010

MD Rokkor 50mm Lens & Vivitar 550FD

I Feel So Happy Today Where My Stuff I Ordered In My Hand Now.
Below I Will Explain Those Stuff I Mention

This Is Minolta MD Rokkor Lens Adapter Ring For Sony Alpha DSLR
So That Mean I Can Use Any MD Lens With My Sony Alpha. The Only
Thing Is I Can Use Those Lens With Manual Mode Only Bcoz The Adapter
Ring Dun Have Chip To Fool My Sony Alpha To Activate All Function.
But For Me It Doesn't Bother Me Hehe....^ ^ I Take It As A Challenge And Joy
Of Using Manual Mode.....

So The Next One Is...........

This Is Pre-Old Film External Flash. It Was Small Yet Powerful I'm Glad This Flash Can Synchronize With My DSLR.SadIy Can't Fit With My Wireless Remote Control T.T
But I Dun Care I Will Buy Another Flash Soon For Wireless/Slave Purpose.
All N All This External Flash Still Awesome And Really Love It^ ^

And This The View When Everything Attach To My Sony DSLR ^ ^

I Feel I Just Back To Film Era But In Digital Mode Hehe....^ ^

Below Is The Shot I Take With The Vivtar Flash
And Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f2.0 ^ ^

Note : Every Picture Are Pure Shoot No Edited Occur ^ ^
Well.....All I Can Say I Satisfied With All My New Stuff Yeah!!!!!!!!

Once Again I Want To Wish All My Muslim Friend

ArtWork By :Aziezie Sidek ^ ^


Jeremiah said...

congrats on the new stuff bro :)

PsyceQueen said...

Bro Jeremiah : Thank You Bro ^ ^