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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NDC Worship Live At GCC Kota Kinabalu

Well I Went To A Charity Concert Organized By Sidang Injil Borneo Tamparuli Last Week And I Am So Excited To Be Part Of It Even I Am A Catholic Because We Are All Christian

So They Invited A Worship Music Team From Indonesia Call NDC Worship Which Stand "Nafiri Disciple Church" And They Are Really Inspiring...:) 

Even We Are Come From Different Denomination But Still We Praise To One Lord Jesus Christ :)

What Is More Inspiring Is Their Music Direction Which Is Fresh For Me And Its Really Give Me A Lot Of New Idea For My Music Side Project :)

I Dont Capture A Lot Since I Was At A Gallery Seat In Auditorium But Still I Have A Few :)

Check It Out 

Their Performance Are Just Amazingly Great And Awesome
Hope To See Them Again Next Year
I Will Seat Very Close To The Stage
So Thats All For Now

Till Then

Let Us Inspire Each Other

pSyce pHotography

Thursday, July 21, 2016

HDR Mood :)

Well I Almost Forget This Kind Of HDR Stuff Until I Pissed Of With My Landscape Photo.

I Was Away For Few Days And Its Really Inspire Me To Be More Improvise In Whatever Condition.

So I Went To Ranau And As Usual For Everyone Been There, It Is A Must To Take Photo Of Mount Kinabalu. Well Its Not My First Time To Take One But I Never Satisfied With My Result.

So I Just Happen To Scroll Around My DSLT Sony A65 Menu Function And I Get Awake From My Sleep When I Saw Bracketing Function.....Hhhmm,.....Then.....Yes I Use It And Woohoooo!!! Im Happy Again LOL

Its Been A While I Didnt Use That Function Because My Previous Camera Only Use Normal Bracketing But Not Even Combine It And I Am So Idiot Because I Forget That I Have New Camera...Hhhmmm....Indeed I Am.

So This Is It. The Shot I've Taken

So Since I Realize Again About HDR The Mood Does Not End There :)

 An Entrance Way To The Top Of 
Mount Kinabalu In HDR

Squirrel In HDR 
Even People Also In HDR. :)

Well Before I End This Just Wanna say Thank You To My Friend Waiting For Me Till I Arrive At Bundu Tuhan 2 Days Ago....Im So Blessed :)

Hope To You Guys Again Soon Very Soon......:)


Yeah....HDR Or High Dynamic Range
Really Make My Mood Become A Bit Dynamic Too LOL

So This Is It...Will Share More Update Soon....;)

Let Us Inspire Each Other 

pSyce pHotography 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bokeh Mood Continue

Yeah My Mood For Bokeh Still On And Today I Attempt To Custom Bokeh With My 17-50mm Zoom Lens Well It End With Failure Hahahaha I Still Can Figure A Right Measure For The Lens Thread But Its Okay I Will Solve It Soon.

Well It Doesn't Stop Me. So I Back To My SAL 100mm Macro Lens And Now I Am Feel Awesome With Subject Included Or I Can Say Model LOL

I Feel Grateful With Her Presence That  I Can Snap A Good Shot With Custom Bokeh :)

She Is -NERA- Kupi-Kupi FM Deejay 

All Shot Fill With Different Film Effect And I Use Three Custom Bokeh 

Check It  Out :)

Well Honestly I Feel Not Satisfied Because I Want To Capture More On Night Shot But Its Okay These Is Next Time Yaaayyy

Well This Is Not The End...I Will Come Up With Different Subject And Idea If It Comes To Me HAHAHAHAHA

Let Us Inspire Each Other

pSyce ! pHotography 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

More Dreamy Bokeh And I Mean Pure Bokeh

Well Today I Spend My Evening With Taking Few More Dreamy Bokeh....DIY Bokeh And Bokeh Bokeh...I Snap A Lot But I Choose Few That I Think Nice Not The Best LOL

So Yesterday I Made It And Today I Continue...Next Time I Will.

Now I Present You A My Custom Bokeh Inspire By Lensbaby DIY Bokeh Kit(Not Inspire I Copied It LOL)

Those Shot Were In Order From Time I Start Till The End Of My Photography Walk 

Credit To (Lensbaby) For Such Inspiring Bokeh Shape I Copied :)

 While Im Driving I Notice Those Night Light Started To Shine So I Decide To Take A Shot While I Am  Driving....So This Is "Diamond Aperture Shape" As Label By Lensbaby Well...My View For My Weekend Photo Will Never Be The Same Anymore :) 

 I Stopped Somewhere Around To Change The Aperture Shape So I Try This...."Dripsplat Aperture Shape"...Suprisingly It Give My Some Sort Bliss Feeling From This Output :)

So Much Dreamy Feeling And Just Wuuu....I Imagine If My Everyday Vision Look Like This How Dizzy I Can Be But Still Immerse In Excitement ;)

 So I've Seen Many Photo Around Internet Showing This Sweet Bokeh..."Love Bokeh"...Indeed In Normal Vision Its Only Some Sort Of Cliche Subject And Object But When You Bring Yourself Far A Bit You Will See Sweetness In Your Passion.

 A View That Always Can Be Seen On Rainy Season But This Is Only Taken With "Slot Aperture Shape" Who Can Imagine Those Annoying Light Can Look Like A Sandwich Hahahaa

 Three Bird Aperture Shape Are Strange Shape For Me But The Result Are So Wuuuuweeeee To Me Its Like Scene Of Wild Weekend LOL

Well Star Over The Sky Are Not So Interesting For Me To See Sometime Unless Im Doing Milkyway Or Time Lapse....But This Will Define My Interest Toward Stars Once Again In My Life :)

Well To Be Honest This Is Not Satisfy Me Enough Because I Know I Can Do Better Than This...

In My Future Post I Will Blend A Portrait Photography Will Essence Of Lomography And Of Course Custom Bokeh As Show....More Interesting And Absurd Shape Will Take Shape Soon.. :)

Thank You For Your Time :)

Let Us Inspire Each Other 

pSyce pHotography

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dreamy And Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh

Alright....Finally I Did This And It Work....4 Years Ago I Was Intended To Do This But Not Success Finally I Made It...Yes I Made It!!!!

Im Not The First One To Do This Yeah It Need Efforts To Succeed What You Want To Accomplish.

I Love Dreamy Effect And I Am Lomo Lover And Film Camera Enthusiast But Sadly Today Its Very Hard To Find A Camera Film And Cost To Develop a Film Is Getting Expensive Even The Chemical Are More Expensive.

So Now At This Current Digital Era...I Need To Improvise And Creative. Yes Its A Must And Compulsory.

I Always Wish To Buy A Plactic Lens From Lensbaby But The Price Tag Wont Let Me...And Its Just Ridiculous With Such Price At 1000ringgit.

My Wonder End When Sony Offer A Claasic Filter In Later Model But It Still Not Satisfy But Today Yes I Satisfy Myself...Thank You God For Inspire Me.

Have You Ever Try Or Heard DIY Bokeh? Yes That's What I Do Today...Yes I Made It Yaaayyyyy.

Dreamy Effect With Custom Bokeh Is Such An Addiction To Photography Enthusiast And It Will Take You To Another Level.

Wait?? Custom Bokeh?? Yes...Custom Bokeh.....


Let Me Show You.... ;) ;)

Yes This Is It...Custom Bokeh.....Love Bokeh....And Few Shape Can Be Custom According To Your Passion....My Heart Just Say Wooohhooooo Happy Hahahaha 

If You Want To Make One Just Do It...If You Know To Do It Hehehehe

Well One Doesn't Enough So I Go Mental A Bit When I Made It Hahahaha

My Summer Feeling Heating Up....Joke....My Country Dont Have 4 Seasons...So Celebrate Summer Whole Year Forever Hahahaha

 I Dont Remember Where This Toy Came from But It Seem Really Fit With The Essence Of The Photo Hahaha....I Just Love It Hahahaha

 I Remember Few Years Ago Lensbaby Show A Sample Photo That Almost Resemble This Shot Ive Taken :) :) 

 Will You Resist Not To See This Photogenic Orang Utan ?? Gosh She Is My Crush Now Hahahahaha  

 Okay...Enuf With Orang Utan. You think Ultraman Can't Be Photogenic....Then Those Photo Prove They Better Than Model Out There Hahahaha

And This Is What I Dream To Do Capture And Finally I Made It.....Dreamy Summer With Starry Bokeh....What Better Than That???

Gosh.....I Am Happy Happy Super Happy And Turbo Happy....Chiuuuchuchuchuchu Hahahaha

Okay That's It For Now

I Will Post More Photo With Lovely Bokeh Thats A Promise 

Let Us Inspire Each Other

pSyce pHotography 

Random Pick From Archive Or Maybe Just Never Show Up Here.

 Well I'm Away For A Long Time Before I Am Back Fully This Year And I Hope Will Never Stop Again 

So I Just Want To Share Few Photo From Previous Until Recently That Not Intended To Be A Story 
At All 

 Okay I Think I Already Uploaded This Photo Before At My SYD Post Last Month But What Make Love This Photo Is What I Call It Pure Passion On What I Ask Them To Do....Just Fun And Awesome.
 This Was Taken Last Year And The Unforgettable Story About This Photo Is When I See The Perspective And Three People Who Are So Good At Posing...How Great It Is When One Photo Mark Your Life Story Forever :) 

 Okay The First Photo Taken Using Panorama Sweep Function And The Second One Just Taken With Normal Angle. Both Taken Two Years Ago...And So Far I Feel This Is the Best Shot I've Taken Even There Is A Flaw....The Satisfaction To See Is More Favorable Than Wasting Your Time Snapping Thousand Photo
 Supposed I Want To Take A Photo During Yellow Sunset With The Bliss Cloud Covering The Forest But Unfortunately The Day Not Generous To Me. So This Is What Get And Yeah Its Average But Yet Satisfying. Anyway This Taken 3 Months Ago 
 I Dont Even Know What Kind Flower Is This...But When You Have A Macro Lens For Sure You Not Gonna Miss This One. Taken Few Weeks Ago 
 Im Seeing A Monkey Everyday so Why Not Take A Photo Of It Right So...This Is A Monkey That Consider Friendly But A Bit Intimidating Because It Will Not Be Nice To A Stranger. Taken Six Months Ago  
Finally This Is My Dog...Call Chubby A.K.A Juling(Mean Bosseye) One Spoil And Hyper Active  Dog But Now She Is Less Active After Become A Mother To A Three Puppies. Taken Year Ago...

HHhhmmm.....Well I Will Stop For Now. If I Found Some Photo That I Didnt Share Before I Will Feature It Here Soon...But Will Take Time.....I Have A Lot But Some Of It Are Just Personal Collection But Why Not To Share It Right :)

Let Us Inspire Each Other 

pSyce pHotography