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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pic Of The Week ^ ^

From Now I Will Share My Favorite Photo Every Friday So This Is First Pick Of The Week From My Work.Instead Of That I Will Feature Some Other Work From Various Photographer Too ^ ^

(Autumn Friday)
 Such A Coincidence Environment That Day. The Place Been Burn During Dry Season So It Become Autumn Look Hehe. The Mood Is Really Calm In Addition The Shot Was Taken Around 7.00am.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Lapse Experience Part 2 (Series 3)

 Well A New Video From Me. I Already Upload It At Facebook So Now It's Time For My Blog To Fill It Out ^ ^

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kasih Sayang Health Resort

I Went There Weeks Ago And I Find The Place Is Breathtaking But My Purpose To Went There IS For Time Lapse Photography. Well It's Worth For 45 Minute Journey It Was Cold And Refreshing
Unfortunately I Didn't Manage To Capture A City View From There Because I Was So Confident To Capture It Later Huhu. This Is A Last Trip For My Nikon Coolpix S10 Coz Rite Now The Camera Is Out Of Order Coz Of Lens Error Hope Will Get It Fix Soon T.T But Still I Will Continue My Time Lapse Series.

Kasih Sayang Resort Located At Kampung Sinagang Inanam 13 Kilometer From Manggatal Town. Once Again I Can Say A Good Place For Leisure And Relax.

Those Pic Been Capture Around Kasih Sayang Health Resort. ^ ^

A View O f My Sony Alpha 200 Taking Manual Interval timer Mode Using My Hand And Brain Timer Hihi ^ ^

While My Other Hand Keep On Pressing The Shutter, My Other Hand Capture Some Photo With My Nikon Coolpix S10 This Is One Of The Last Capture From The Camera Before Damage T.T

After I've Done With Time Lapse I Capture Some Photo Of The Resort Well Not All Of It Hehe

One Of My Favourite Capture On That Day ^ ^

The Resort Entrance Name ^ ^

A Cold Time For Breakfast Haha ^ ^

A View Of The Restaurant Balcony Quite Whitey Hahaha 

A View Of Inanam Or Manggatal Valley So Breath Taking ^ ^

Another Shot From Balkony That Make Feel Dun Wanna Go Home ^ ^

All N All This Place Is Awesome For Relax So Guys Feel Free? Take Some Vacation To Go There And Relax ^ ^

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Will Update Soon

Helo Hehe Currently working on My Finish Shot Now On Post Production ^ ^

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Few Missed Shot

Sometime I Forget To See Something That I Supposed To Check
In My Work And When It Happen I Never Check For Long Period Time

So This Is What I Get From My Archive.....

 This Pagoda Located At Tuaran Town Sabah.
I Have No Intention To Stop By  But The Artwork Of The Building
Along With The Temple Pull My Attention  So I Capture Some Photo For My Record ^ ^

This Shoot Been Around Month Of May 2010 During "Sabah Fest"
The Gentleman Here Is Playing The Traditional Music Instrument
I Was Amazed With The Music Direction Because Each Ethnic In Sabah
Have Their Own Music Direction And Amazingly Unique ^ ^

 Well This One Been Shoot Last Year End Of December. This Shot Been Inspire
By Chinese Kung Fu Film Where I Imagine This Pose For Few Days And Finally I
Ask My Younger Brother Become The Fighter Model ^ ^

So.....This Is A Few Of My Missed Shot Where I Almost Forget Will Dig Some More
Next time ^ ^

Anyway Keep On Cracking For New Time Lapse And Stop Motion From Me

Thank You.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tanjung Aru Sunset (Time Lapse)

First Of All I Want To Apologize My Poor Camera Setting
Because I Almost Forget To Set Proper Everything Huhu

Well All N All I've Made Average Shoot ^ ^
This Shoot Been Capture Around 4.30pm Until 6.30pm
on "12 September 2010" ^ ^

I Have 4 More Series To Do For This 2010 Season Hihi
Keep On Cracking.....Will Serve More Motion Soon
Thank You


Sony Alpha 200
& Manual Shutter Release Remote

Number Frame Capture : 814 Photo/Picture

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kipandi Butterfly Garden

I Have Nothing To Do Today So I Want To Do Something. So I Went Out To Church Want Play Piano But Got Wedding Mass....CANCEL......So I Just Drive My Car Without Plan Inside My Head Then I Remember A Butterfly Garden Locate On Way To Tambunan Road.So, I Just Straight Away To That Place.

I Reach The Place Around 11.30am And I Have To Pay RM10.00 Ticket Before I Can Go Through.
Well It's Worth To Pay. I Get A Lot Of Information From The Guider.So I Went To Snap Some Photo Since I Brought My Camera Too. Well I Have To Say I'm Quite Disappoint With My Shot Coz Most Of It Out Of Focus Coz My Sigma 70-300mm Lens Sigma Still Can In Poor Condition. But Still I Can Manage To Get Nice Shot ^ ^.

Here A Some Photo I Manage To Shoot ^ ^

Well This Is One Of My Shot. All I Can Say Kipandi Butterfly Garden Is Awesome.
I Will Go There For Another Shoot At Morning So I Can Capture Them In Relax Mode ^ ^

Friday, September 10, 2010

Picture That Move ^ ^

Nothing Usual....Hehe Actually I Convert Some Of My Time Lapse and Stop Motion Work
To "Gif" Or  "Graphic Interchange Format". I Have Several Work That Not Been Upload Anywhere Bcoz I Make A Lot Of Consideration To Upload And At Last I Didn't Do It For Good Reason 4 Myself ^ ^. So Now I Decide To Upload It In Different Way So Now This Is It ^ ^

Anyway Those Who Know About My Plan 4 Five Series Of Time Lapse And Stop Motion Plan
I Will Continue To Do It Before End Of This Year Since I Have Make To Many Delay For This Project......^ ^

So This Is The Shoot Where I Never Post Anywhere ^ ^

Okay That's Me Hahaha. This Been Capture During
Street Photography Session Few Month Ago Hihi ^ ^


Hahaha This Is My Friend Wan Hippo Sappuhtui Or Somehow
I Can Call Him My Twin Brother  Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!


While My Other Friend Busy Take Still Picture,
This Is What I'm Doing Capture Those Boat Passing By Hehe.
This Shoot Been Capture Same Day I Went To Street Photography Session ^ ^
(Location : Taman Poket Kota Kinabalu Sabah )


Well This One Been Shoot During Christmas Church Mass Last Year. One Of My Last Attempt Before End Year Of 2009 ^ ^
(St Aloysius Limbanak Church Penampang Sabah)


Finally This Is A First Time Lapse Shoot For Year 2010
Where I Shoot 6.00am At 1st January 2010. Supposed I'm Gonna Shoot Time Lapse
Firework But Unfortunately I'm Stuck At My Friend House That Day Hahahaha But Still,
I Manage To Shoot "MoonSet" Hahahaha!!!!!!
(Location : Tanjung Aru Sabah )

That All I Can Show So Far Since To Many Shoot I've Done And All Miss Place Somewhere In My Hard Disk Drive. By The Way, Keep On Cracking On My Post.Soon I Will Run My Time Lapse And Stop Motion Project Soon ^ ^

Thank You
pSyce ^ ^

Thursday, September 9, 2010

MD Rokkor 50mm Lens & Vivitar 550FD

I Feel So Happy Today Where My Stuff I Ordered In My Hand Now.
Below I Will Explain Those Stuff I Mention

This Is Minolta MD Rokkor Lens Adapter Ring For Sony Alpha DSLR
So That Mean I Can Use Any MD Lens With My Sony Alpha. The Only
Thing Is I Can Use Those Lens With Manual Mode Only Bcoz The Adapter
Ring Dun Have Chip To Fool My Sony Alpha To Activate All Function.
But For Me It Doesn't Bother Me Hehe....^ ^ I Take It As A Challenge And Joy
Of Using Manual Mode.....

So The Next One Is...........

This Is Pre-Old Film External Flash. It Was Small Yet Powerful I'm Glad This Flash Can Synchronize With My DSLR.SadIy Can't Fit With My Wireless Remote Control T.T
But I Dun Care I Will Buy Another Flash Soon For Wireless/Slave Purpose.
All N All This External Flash Still Awesome And Really Love It^ ^

And This The View When Everything Attach To My Sony DSLR ^ ^

I Feel I Just Back To Film Era But In Digital Mode Hehe....^ ^

Below Is The Shot I Take With The Vivtar Flash
And Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f2.0 ^ ^

Note : Every Picture Are Pure Shoot No Edited Occur ^ ^
Well.....All I Can Say I Satisfied With All My New Stuff Yeah!!!!!!!!

Once Again I Want To Wish All My Muslim Friend

ArtWork By :Aziezie Sidek ^ ^

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Model Mayhem

I've Just Sign Up With Model Mayhem Website^ ^

I Hope Can Find Something That Inspire More Than I Have ^ ^

This Is My Link Page :
http://www.modelmayhem.com/pSyce pHotography  

Friday, September 3, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya ^ ^

To All My Muslim Friend,want to wish u all Selamat Hari Raya And Have A Bless ^ ^
Well I Have A Little Thing To Share for my post rite now hehe....currently i haven't done
any photoshoot or else coz got emergency last few days ago so i have a lot of free time and
help running another business.

In other few week i will feel so happy when i get something for my camera.Even it's not impressive
but i feel great about it. I will bring back alive my old to fit with my Sony Alpha 200 with a little help from proper adapter. The lens is manual type but produce a very sharp result and it really help me for next time lapse project ^ ^

Here Is The Photo Of My Lens ^ ^

So that's it.will be crack up again during Hari Raya And After Raya ^ ^