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Monday, December 17, 2012


After A While Again I'm Here To Share Haha Now I'm Available On Instagram There I Will Do Different Approach In Photography Life....Lomoistic Style Hahaha


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Short Battle (Short Clip Video)


Finally My First Concept Video Is Done.....I Know The Video Is Not Really Impressive But Still Its A Concept Video Ait?? Hehe Anyway Will Do More Video In The Future ^ ^

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Eyes In My List ^ ^

Yes....Praise The Lord For His Kindness To Let Me Become Stronger And Finally I Have New Lens In My Hand Now

And Also Finally I Hold A First Official Wedding Occasion After A Long Time Just Affiliate With Other Photographers 

Now I Just Want To Share My Wedding Shot I Manage To Capture On 1st September 2012

Anyway Congratulation To The Couple

Ian N Theodra ^ ^

Check Out More Photowork From Me Next Time ^ ^

Let Us Inspire Each Other 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Short Adventure And Leisure

It's Quite A Relax And Fun Day For Us In ProtozX7 Group To Fill A Day Wit Activity 
So This Is A Shot Capture By Me And My Friend ^ ^

Man Of the Day:
Orlando Conrad
Daniel Dan 
Danny Junior
pSyce bOrneo

The Most Man :
Max Fedilis Bestan 

 A Great View Of My Village From Vasai Peak 
(Try Find A Church Haha ^ ^)
 Everyone Is Waiting Their Bait Been Busted Hahahahaha
 Danny Junior :
 Please....I Only Have Few Minute Pleaseeee.........
 Okay..........I'm Yours.....
 Open Wide My Arm Like A Superman 
 While On Way To The Top 
 Somewhere Around The Top 
Can You Protect And Save Me Good Samaritan ???

Kind A Great Journey Though YEaahhh....

Anyway Stay Tuned For My Short Movie Soon Will Be Shot Around this Month ^ ^

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Watermark N Few Work - Rest For A While

Yeah...I Hope I'm Not To Late To Wish My Muslim Friend 
Have A Blessed Fasting Month ^ ^

Anyway I want To Introduce My New Alternate Logo N Watermark
My Current Watermark Are Still On Use For My Any Work And My New Watermark Also In Use For My Any Shot And Official Shot ^ ^

Okay There's A Few Shot I Made With My Friend So This Is It ^ ^

Vintage Is One Of My Favorite Mode And Its Amazing To Have A Moment Of It ^ ^

Cast :
pSyce bOrneo
Orlando Conrad
Danny Junior
Daniel Dan 

Credit To: 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Face Painting - Making Myself Look Ugly

Yeah....Painting..............My Recent Work That Involve Myself To Paint My Face Hahahaha 
I've Thinking My This Idea For A While But I Just Let Play In My Mind Only
Finally I Have Make My Mode Through It So This Is It ^ ^

Cast :
Danny Junior (DannyBoy)
Daniel George(Den92)
Orlando Conrad(Landosky7)
pSyce bOrneo(pSyce7 - pSyce pHotogrpahy)

More Similar Session Will Be Set Up Soon And This Time Adorable Girl Hahahaa

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Lost Period I've Done

Yeah...Once Again I Have Been Absence Here For One Period Time....But Still I Did Some Photoshoot...And I Made Exclusively For My Facebook Album And Photography Page N Now I Will Share It Here My Work During My Absence Here In My Blog ^ ^

Those A Shot During A Week Before Harvest Festival....The Concert Are Made To Make The Event Are More Eventful And Cultural Since The Event Become A Tourism Attraction 

So This Is One Of Shot I Want To You Guys ^ ^

Next Is My Conceptual Photography Theme With Three Persona In It
The Theme Is :

Melissa Tatiana Lupang (Tena)
Natasha Lupang (Nata)
Orlando Conrad (Lando)

This Is Some Of My Work I've Done Last Month And It Was Awesome To Do Something Out Of Bowl...With Some Extra Work Next Time ^ ^

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random Shot By Me ^ ^

For While I Left My Blog Not Been Updated Again Haahahaha

Now I Will Show U Guys Some Random Shot I Manage To Capture 

It's Not That Impressive But That's What I Saw....^ ^

(A Letter To God)

(Ironically A Man Best Friend Is Everywhere Wherever I Go )

Station Of The Cross At Vasai Peak Penampang Sabah 2012
 A Morning That Always Captivate My Eyes
A Holy Saturday Mass At St Aloysius Limbanak Penampang Sabah Malaysia.

Yeaa....That It Hahaha

Anyway I Just Made A New Blog Too

Check It Out ^ ^

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DOF.......BokeH ^ ^

Well Recently Just Play Around With 50mm f1.8 Sony Lens And IT Was Awesome Really Looking Forward To Get One Form Me ^ ^

This Is A Shot I Manage To Get Form It ^ ^

This Photo Dedicated To The One I Love "Heart","Family","Friend",And Everyone Who Support My Passion 

Thank You ^ ^

Friday, February 17, 2012

Back To Alive Again....

Wow.....To Much I Miss Here.......

New Year.....
Chinese New Year........
And More..................................

Yeah.....I Can Call Myself Twat Huhuhuhuu

Actually I'm Still Active During That Period But I Only Concentrate With My Facebook Account......

So Most of My Latest Photo Are Been Posted There........

Now It's Time For Me To Share Here Too...

Well Recently Just Went Outing With Lovely Friend Natalie....For A Third Year......

Got A Few Amazing Shot To Me Hehe.....

But Still Really Have A Great Time And Moment That Day....

So Here It Is After A Long Time ..........

I Can Say....I'm With My Work Hehe Coz That Day Got A Chance To Borrow A 50mm 1.8 Lens Form My Cousin N I Feel Awesome With All My Work Rite Now Hahaha.....Sadly Will Return It Back.
But It's Okay I Will Buy For My Own Soon ^ ^

Finally I Can Take A Deep Breath Now 

Will Post More New Photo Here 

See You Guys At The Next Post ^ ^