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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jump Attack Hall Strike Hahahaha!!!!!!!

Okay It Happen Again This Time At Hall During Singing Practice With All Friend For Performance That Will Come Soon ^ ^ Everything Done During Break Time So Me With Friend  
"Leslie Jvon" Grab Our Gear To Play Around Hehe So This Is What We Manage To Capture ^ ^(Thank You To Bro Leslie For The Shot Too ^ ^)
And This Time I Have To Awesome Friend Queennera And Christyne Join The Queue Too Hahahaha 

As Usual Will Never Missed To Jump Hahahahahaha

Wah..........!!!!!!!! Open Your Eyes Hahahahaa

The Power Of Chi.......Kikikikikiki

Have You Ever Thought Your Partner A Friend Or Foe ???? Hahahahahah

Welll That's It A Jump That Will Never Stop Yeah!!!!!!
Till Then Keep On Cracking For New Post
Thank You

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Just Saw It And I'l Do It Too ^ ^

As I just browsing through my favorite blog.. (http://imageschaser.blogspot.com/). I come across an entry that giving an award, and to my surprise, my blog name was listed as one of 15 receiver for this award.. Thanks Richard C. M for the nominations. . :) Really appreciated it.. :)

You need to do these 3 following tasks after receiving the award.

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and the link of the person.
Thank you so much to Richard C. Mfor giving me this first ever award.. :)

2. Spread this award to 15 bloggers who you like and think their blog is awesome. 
Nina Manson
Augustine Jumat
Soma FM

This Is My Favourite Pick So Far Yeah ^ ^

So Once Again Let Me Introduce Myself ^ ^

My Name Is Wilson A.K.A pSycequeen bOrneo ^ ^

I Was Born At Kana Clinic

My Father From Penampang And My Mom From Keningau

Love To Watch Tom Jerry Chinese Kung Fu And Comedy Movie Plus Japanese Too

Internet Is Where I Always Walk

Love Photography So Much And Even Making Music Too

Singing Is My Dream

Hhmm.......To Much I Want To But That's All I Can Say Hahahahaha

Well That's All I Can Say Thank You

Till Then Keep On Cracking And Let's Jump!!!!!!!!  ^ ^

Sabah Skim Board Competition ( I Guess Hahahaha)

Just Happen Today But I Went A Bit Late Coz It Already Semi-Final When I Arrive.
So Far This Is The First Competition Been Organize In Sabah And It's Awesome Yeah ^ ^

Well I Dun Want To Tell Further Since I Was Noob About Hahaha
So This Is One Of Shot I Manage To Capture ^ ^

Let's Jump Bro !!!!!!!


Seriously He Was Straight In Front Of Me With My Friend Hahahaha

 Saturday Nite Live At Tanjung Aru Beach Kota Kinabalu Yeahh!!!!!!!

Tony Hawk On The Water Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Leave The Event Before They Annouce The Winner But Still It Was Awesome Event Yeah!!!!!!!!

Till Then Keep On Cracking For My New Post Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Animal Pick ^ ^

 This Week I'M Showing Some Of My Animal Photo Hehe It's Not That Impressive Well
It Have Some Story Behind ^ ^

This Shoot Been Capture 7 Month Ago And I Will Always Remember This Moment.
I Was Two Foot Away From The Hornbill And The Bird Was Curious. When I Put Aside My Camera Aside The Hornbill Straight Attack Me Hahaha Luckily My Hand Just Scratch From The Attack And Still I Will Keep On Closer To The Bird When I Meet The Bird Again Next Time ^ ^

This Was My Pet Name Atik Hehe I Really Like The Expression When Get Rest. Somehow It Tell Something That I Don't Know. Well I Wish That I Can Understand One Day .....

Well This Is One Of My Animal Capture And I Will Shoot More In The Future For Sure 
Till Then Keep Cracking ^ ^
Thank You ^ ^

Moon ^ ^

I Was Outside My House Two Days Ago And I Saw The Moon Surround By One Ring Hehe.
At last I Manage To Capture The Moment In Different Colour ^ ^

So Here It Is  ^ ^

Almost Look Like A Lamp Hahaha

Really Love The Blue Effect ^ ^

Anyway Tonite Is A Full Orionids Meteor Shower So If U Free
Tonite Keep Look Up The Sky
Till Then Keep Cracking ^ ^

Monday, October 18, 2010

Art Attack At Old Post Office Area

It Was A Coincidence When I Went The Place One Of Our Venue For Shooting Sometime^ ^
The Place Are Well Know Been Beautify By Local Artist And They Have Made A Lot Artistic
Drawing Around There Are......One Word Pop up In My Mind AWESOME!!!!! They Have Done A Really Great Job.^ ^

So Those Are Photo I Manage To Capture While They Still There And Some Of It Also Been Capture By Friend Too ^ ^
This Will Be The Last Time For Them To Rock The Place Coz They Gonna
Focus On They Next Project That Will Start Around Next Year ^ ^

The Mastermind Bro Crakco ^ ^(Cracko Art Collection)

Caution : This Is Art Area So Please Be Mesmerize ^ ^

The Most Viral Drop I Ever Seen Hehehe

Should I Say True Or Not??? Hahaha

An Awesome Vector Really Love It ....Credit To The Artist ^ ^

Happy Monster Hahaha I Guess ^ ^

Well I Didn't Manage To Catch A Lot Of Picture That Day But I Manage One The Artist Who Been There That Day ^ ^

Commitment ^ ^ I Forgot To Ask Their Name Huhu(Note My Head)


Art Can Be Expressed In Many Way And This One Of It Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Crime Art
(Adui I Forgot His Name Too Haiiizzzzz...............)

Silent Smile Hahahahaha Look Carefully He Actually Smile Hahahaha
Bro Anddy Romeo Dulait (Awesome Artist)

Well That What I Saw Hehe And I Will Try To Follow Any Update
From Them About Their Next Project Coz To Me It Will Be Awesome!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!! ^ ^

Finally This Is My Previous Shoot With Them 3 Months Ago A Time Lapse And Stop Motion Work ^ ^

Till Then Keep On Cracking My New Post ^ ^

Thank You ^ ^                 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Substitute.....

Since My Nikon S10 Will Not Be Recover At This Moment I Will Bring Back My Old Digital Camera Back On Work For The Time Being. I Feel Sad Too Coz I Can Recover The Camera At This Moment Since The Cost To Expensive Huhu.....But I Will Promise Myself That I Will Bring Back My Nikon S10 Back To Normal...I Will !!!!

Well Let Me Introduce My Second Assistant For Point And Shoot Photography ^ ^


The 5 Year Old Digital Camera Of Mine And This Is The Most Reliable Compact Digital Camera I Ever Have Now Been Awaken To Back On Duty.....So Welcome Back Old Friend Now U Will Along With Me All Time.....(Currently My Sony Alpha 200 Will Take Over The Time Lapse Shooting And I Hope It Will Be Okay ^ ^

Will Considered Any New Digital Camera Too When I Have Bunch Of Cash And Of It Is Fujifilm HS10 Hehe ^ ^

Jump Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!

I Was Thinking What Should I Call It And At Last I Have One ^ ^

From Now On It Will Be Call As Jump Attack !!!!!!!!! Hahahaha

Well I Did It Again Hehehe Well It Really Make Me Feel Great Too ^ ^
During My Last Outing At Tuesday I've Manage To Get My Jump With My Friend Help To Capture It ^ ^

So This Is It Hehehe

And This Time I Got Special Guest
(The Model We Shoot That Day -----> Evelyn Lim)

Hehehe I Feel Exited When She Also Do The Jump Hahahahaha!!!!!!!

Instead That There's More Hihihihi

 I Guess I Just Intimidate The Group Of Red Fish Or I'm So Crazy To Dive In The Pond Huhu

I Let You Guys Judge This Jump Either I Fall Or What ?? hIhihihihihi

pHeewww!!!! What A Relief Hihihihi Dun Get It Wrong I Dun Jump Down Hahahahahaha

Well Again It Was An Awesome Day Hehe And Once Again I Wanna Thank You My Brother Wan Hippo Sappuhtui For The Best Shot Yeah!!!!!!! And...........Evelyn Lim For The Cutest Jump Hahahahaha

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hehe I"m Gonna Pick Again.......!!!!!

Well This The Third Selection Of My Various Favorite Photo Hehe Well This Time It Come From Inside N Outside Too ^ ^

Well Here It Is ^ ^

One Of My Precious Sky Capture.....The Sun Ray Was Really Mesmerize Me And
I Never Stop Push My Camera Button To Get Best Shot From It.Well This Is One Of It And
I Hope I Can See This Sun Again Next Time And I Hope My Nikon S10 Can Be Fixed Next Time When I Got Bunch Of Cash Coz It Never Disappoint Me ^ ^

Next One 

I Always Want To Capture A Shot Like This Well At I Get I ^ ^
This Shot Been Taken During Miss Borneo Tourism Talent Nite And
In The Picture Is One Of The Contestant(Sorry I Dun Remember Her Name Hehe). 
I Have A Lot Of Shot The A Similar But Still This Is Catch Me Up.^ ^
By The Way She Have A Good Voice Too ^ ^

Hehe This Is It So Keep Cracking For Next Week Pick ^ ^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Evelyn Lim ^ ^

Well Last Tuesday Was An Awesome Day Hehe
I Meet New Friend Learn More Stuff And Etc Hihi
Again I Went For Photography Outing With Friend And
The Talent "Evelyn Lim" To Get Some Nice Portrait Of Her ^ ^

So This Is One The Shot I Manage To Capture ^ ^

Note : Photo Have Been Put An Effect Or Edited.

The Red Sunshine....Hehe I Just Try To Make It More Dramatic ^ ^

Happy Shooter Haha ^ ^Let Me Shoot Your 
Heart Sunshine Yeah!!!!!!

So That One Of My Shot Hehe Well We Are Really Enjoy And Fun Together With New Friendship,Idea And Knowledge.  
Till Then..Keep Cracking  For New Post ^ ^

Sunday, October 10, 2010

JumpJump Jump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hehehe.......Jump Is Fun.Jump Is Great And Jump Is Awesome.....So Me With My Friend(Wan Hippo Sappuhtui) Do Something Really Fun ^ ^ Well It's Simple. We Went To Some Place And CaptureThe Jump Motion On Still ^ ^. So I'm The Who Keep On Jump And I Feel Fun Hahahaha

So This Is The Photo Been Capture ^ ^



Fun At Hallaway ^ ^

I Told You Not Go There Hahahahaha 

Okay I Have To Jump To Pass My Passport Hehe 

Okay I Feel Full But Still I Want To Eat Kentucky Huhu

I Was Jump For 3 Hours But My Filght Not Arrived Yet!!!! Haha

 Welcome To KK Airport Opps I Already Here Damn Hehe

If U Don't See Any Luggage At Trolley Then U Have Poor Eyes Hahahaha

It's Time To Go For Lunch Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why U Dun Wait For Me U Dummer!!!!!!!! Hahaha

Well At Last I Can Eat Puas2!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha

All N All Our Journey Was Awesome And We Will
Attack More Location To Leave Our memory There ^ ^
Memory Is Precious....

Anyway I Wanto Thank You My Bro Wan Hippo Sappuhtui
To Get The Best Shot Yeah!!!!!!!!!


Keep Cracking For More Post ^ ^

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today I Pick Again ^ ^

Hehe This Is A First Week And Second Selection Of My Favorite Photo Either It From My Own Work Or Other Photographer Friend And Etc ^ ^

Well This Is My Pick Of The Week ^ ^

(The Unnoticed )

This Shot Been Capture With Canon Powershot A400. 
Some Of My Friend Didn't Notice That Actually There Are 
Two Person In This Picture Hehe
Well i Guess That's How Picture Trick Us Haha^ ^

Another Pic That Really Give Something I Guess ^ ^

This Shot Just Been Capture 6 Days Ago During Photography Outing With Friend ^ ^
At First Place I Want To Upload This Shot Along With Those Other At My Facebook Album But When It Come To This Shot,I Stop My Intention Coz To Me It Something .^ ^ Basically This Kind Of Portrait
Pose Are Widely Practice During 50s And 60s.Seriously When I See The Expression One Name Keep Pop Up In Mind Is Audrey Hephurn Haha^ ^
All N All Credit To Model ^ ^(Natalie Martina Edang)

So That's It.....Keep On Cracking For Next Week Pick^ ^

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something That Pull Me Seriously

Hehe There Is No Spooky Story Behind The Title It Just About A Camera That Pull My Attention^ ^

Well A Lot Of Digital Camera,DSLR,Lomo And More In The Market And It Make Me Confuse Sometime Which One I Want To Buy In The Future. To Make It Short I Love Point N Shoot Every time I Go Somewhere And I Feel Suck To Change My DSLR Lens Since I Only Have My 
Sony Alpha 200. Since 2-3 Weeks I Find One Camera That Really Suit My Request Hehe
And I Will Seriously Budget My Money For This Camera ^ ^

A Latest And Most Flagship Camera By Fujifilm

Fujifilm Finepix HS-10
This Camera Hold A Lot Of DSLR And Digital Compact Feature And It Have 
High Quality 30x Zoom Fujinon Lens. I Guest Its Better For Professional Photography To HIHI

To Get More Info Bout This Camera Click The Link :

Lot Of Impressive Feature That I Can Praise From Camera Especially The Video Mode

A Macro Mode With The Fixed And Versatile Lens Well This Is Really Get me Yeah!!!!!!

The Feature That Really Make Smile Is The Speed Motion ^ ^

The Video Quality Might But I'm Very Sure The Original Output Will Be More Better 

So This Is It.....One Of The Camera In My List To Buy Hopefully I Will Get it Soon Or Later ^ ^

Keep Cracking Every Wednesday Coz I Will Review More Camera That Possibly Will Be My Camera Gear In The FuTure ^ ^

Monday, October 4, 2010

Psyce,Hippo And The Sharpshooter Trio Oppsss Natalie Too ^ ^

An Awesome Sunday Outing Photography Yeah.........That's All I Can Say
Lot Of Thing Been Learned And Enjoy. All Of Us Have Fun Since The Sharpshooter Trio Also With Us Everything Become So Merry Yeah!!!!!!!

Instead Of That This Is A First Outing I Use My Minolta MD Rokkor f2.0 50mm Lens For Portraiture Shoot And It's Really Challenging And Great Since I Can Only One Function For This Lens(Manual Mode) I Manage To Find A Proper Setting Even It's Quite Tricky For Few Minute Huhu.

Well....At Last I Made It And Those A One Of The Result  ^ ^

Smiling At My Watermark Hihihi ^ ^

The Flamboyant Expression From Natalie ^ ^

When We Feel So Much Fun This Is What Happen Next Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!

Vommit The Speedlite Yeah!!!!!!!!!! We Are Too Hungry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Light Of Anger Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well  That's One Of Those Shoot I've Manage To Take And Once Again
Wanna Thank You To Bro Wan Hippo,Natalie And The Sharpshoothers Trio
U Guys Are Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Photo By : Izzal Sharpshooter )

Keep On Cracking New Post Will Come ^ ^