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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today I Pick Again ^ ^

Hehe This Is A First Week And Second Selection Of My Favorite Photo Either It From My Own Work Or Other Photographer Friend And Etc ^ ^

Well This Is My Pick Of The Week ^ ^

(The Unnoticed )

This Shot Been Capture With Canon Powershot A400. 
Some Of My Friend Didn't Notice That Actually There Are 
Two Person In This Picture Hehe
Well i Guess That's How Picture Trick Us Haha^ ^

Another Pic That Really Give Something I Guess ^ ^

This Shot Just Been Capture 6 Days Ago During Photography Outing With Friend ^ ^
At First Place I Want To Upload This Shot Along With Those Other At My Facebook Album But When It Come To This Shot,I Stop My Intention Coz To Me It Something .^ ^ Basically This Kind Of Portrait
Pose Are Widely Practice During 50s And 60s.Seriously When I See The Expression One Name Keep Pop Up In Mind Is Audrey Hephurn Haha^ ^
All N All Credit To Model ^ ^(Natalie Martina Edang)

So That's It.....Keep On Cracking For Next Week Pick^ ^

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