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Monday, October 18, 2010

Art Attack At Old Post Office Area

It Was A Coincidence When I Went The Place One Of Our Venue For Shooting Sometime^ ^
The Place Are Well Know Been Beautify By Local Artist And They Have Made A Lot Artistic
Drawing Around There Are......One Word Pop up In My Mind AWESOME!!!!! They Have Done A Really Great Job.^ ^

So Those Are Photo I Manage To Capture While They Still There And Some Of It Also Been Capture By Friend Too ^ ^
This Will Be The Last Time For Them To Rock The Place Coz They Gonna
Focus On They Next Project That Will Start Around Next Year ^ ^

The Mastermind Bro Crakco ^ ^(Cracko Art Collection)

Caution : This Is Art Area So Please Be Mesmerize ^ ^

The Most Viral Drop I Ever Seen Hehehe

Should I Say True Or Not??? Hahaha

An Awesome Vector Really Love It ....Credit To The Artist ^ ^

Happy Monster Hahaha I Guess ^ ^

Well I Didn't Manage To Catch A Lot Of Picture That Day But I Manage One The Artist Who Been There That Day ^ ^

Commitment ^ ^ I Forgot To Ask Their Name Huhu(Note My Head)


Art Can Be Expressed In Many Way And This One Of It Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Crime Art
(Adui I Forgot His Name Too Haiiizzzzz...............)

Silent Smile Hahahahaha Look Carefully He Actually Smile Hahahaha
Bro Anddy Romeo Dulait (Awesome Artist)

Well That What I Saw Hehe And I Will Try To Follow Any Update
From Them About Their Next Project Coz To Me It Will Be Awesome!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!! ^ ^

Finally This Is My Previous Shoot With Them 3 Months Ago A Time Lapse And Stop Motion Work ^ ^

Till Then Keep On Cracking My New Post ^ ^

Thank You ^ ^                 


Richard C. M said...

another amazing photo shoot la bro.. :)

pSyce!pHotography said...

Thank You Bro ^ ^