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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sabah Skim Board Competition ( I Guess Hahahaha)

Just Happen Today But I Went A Bit Late Coz It Already Semi-Final When I Arrive.
So Far This Is The First Competition Been Organize In Sabah And It's Awesome Yeah ^ ^

Well I Dun Want To Tell Further Since I Was Noob About Hahaha
So This Is One Of Shot I Manage To Capture ^ ^

Let's Jump Bro !!!!!!!


Seriously He Was Straight In Front Of Me With My Friend Hahahaha

 Saturday Nite Live At Tanjung Aru Beach Kota Kinabalu Yeahh!!!!!!!

Tony Hawk On The Water Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Leave The Event Before They Annouce The Winner But Still It Was Awesome Event Yeah!!!!!!!!

Till Then Keep On Cracking For My New Post Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

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