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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something That Pull Me Seriously

Hehe There Is No Spooky Story Behind The Title It Just About A Camera That Pull My Attention^ ^

Well A Lot Of Digital Camera,DSLR,Lomo And More In The Market And It Make Me Confuse Sometime Which One I Want To Buy In The Future. To Make It Short I Love Point N Shoot Every time I Go Somewhere And I Feel Suck To Change My DSLR Lens Since I Only Have My 
Sony Alpha 200. Since 2-3 Weeks I Find One Camera That Really Suit My Request Hehe
And I Will Seriously Budget My Money For This Camera ^ ^

A Latest And Most Flagship Camera By Fujifilm

Fujifilm Finepix HS-10
This Camera Hold A Lot Of DSLR And Digital Compact Feature And It Have 
High Quality 30x Zoom Fujinon Lens. I Guest Its Better For Professional Photography To HIHI

To Get More Info Bout This Camera Click The Link :

Lot Of Impressive Feature That I Can Praise From Camera Especially The Video Mode

A Macro Mode With The Fixed And Versatile Lens Well This Is Really Get me Yeah!!!!!!

The Feature That Really Make Smile Is The Speed Motion ^ ^

The Video Quality Might But I'm Very Sure The Original Output Will Be More Better 

So This Is It.....One Of The Camera In My List To Buy Hopefully I Will Get it Soon Or Later ^ ^

Keep Cracking Every Wednesday Coz I Will Review More Camera That Possibly Will Be My Camera Gear In The FuTure ^ ^


M.S. LEHMAN said...

bro..where do u think i can buy dis camera shop at sabah..fujifilm ni kurang kt cni...

wat u say is right, always changing lens make me tired..haha

pSyce!pHotography said...

Bro Lehman : Still Dunno Bro Hahahaha
Maybe I Will Buy That Camera Di KL Huhu

pSyce!pHotography said...

Yeah True Bikin Penat ja HahahahahWe Should Have One Flexible Camera Too ^ ^