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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sigma 28-105mm UC-III

First Of All RIP SAL 18-70mm And Welcome Sigma 28-105mm......^ ^

Well It's Not A New Lens But Still It Works Well In My A200......Even There A Few Glitch Appear It Never Stop Me Hee......^ ^

I Did Mention Glitch Rite Yeah.......The Maximum Focal Of The Is F3.8 But When Attach To My Camera It Only F4.0....huhu. Not Only When I Swtich To Auto Mode The Focal Will Be On F16 Waaa.............So Small Damn!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha. But It Didn't Bother Me At All Since I Didn't Use Those Function At All Unless I Have A G-Lens Heee........!!!!!!!!!!

Well I Dun Want To Talk Further So U Guys Can See The Review From www.Dyxum.com


Those Two Photo Been Capture With Canon G11 In Scan Mode ^ ^

The Lens Attach With My Sony Alpha 200^ ^

The Condition Of The Lens Is Superb Even Been Around For 7 Years ^ ^

And Those Are Result From The Lens  Hee....^ ^
Warning : There A Little Touch Up But Didn't Effect The Original Result  

MyVi Door Handle.....

The Alternative For Those Brewed Stuff Hahahaha

The Heavy Plastic Internal Focus Give Me Advantage To 
Focus The Object Easily ^ ^

The So-So Bokeh Didn't Bother Since The True Object Can Be See ^ ^

Even With A Small Maximum Focal Length It Still Give A Hope For Me To Shoot In Low Light With External Flash And It Did Very Well ^ ^

This Is An Example Shot With External Flash ^ ^

Talent : Orlando Conrad 

This Is An Edited Version And Of Coz Noise Will Occur With High ISO But Still I Can Give 4 Star With The Lens Since The Optical Build Is Much Better Than The Sony Kit Lens ^ ^

Well I Guest That's For Now And After A Few Moment,Week And Time I Decide To Stick With One Brand.......Sony!!!!!! Hahahahaha So I Will Looking Forward To Get A New Body From Sony Yeah!!!!!! But At This There A Few Model Have In Malaysia Market So I Will Keep Waiting For Better Model Out Soon At Any Outlet ^ ^

Till Then See Yaa ^ ^

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Me Haha!!!!

Hehe This Shot Been Taken By My Friend With My Guide And Assist. Well He Get his Setting And Well To My Bro Hahaha.

Went To City Mall Weeks Ago And Do The Shots There And Finally My Friend Get His Best And I Pack My DSLR Coz I Want To Do A Pose That I Always Dream...Maybe Hahahaha

Well This Is One Of My Favorite Shot By My Friend Hee....^ ^

Gear   : Nikon D90
Talent : Myself (pSyce bOrneo)
Photographer : Leynord Lawrance

I Guess My Face Was To Furious Hahahaha

Well That's All For Now

Till Then See Yaa ^ ^

Monday, March 21, 2011

I See More Day By Day ^ ^

Day By Day I Get More Decent To What I Want In My Picture.

So Those Two Is An Answer To What I Mean ^ ^

Morning Purple ^ ^

Nothing Is Greater Than God Art's ^ ^

Day By Day I Get More Appreciate All Thing Infront Of My And I Dun Feel Bad At All ^ ^

Well That's All For Now 

Till Then See Yaa ^ ^

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random From Keningau

Well I Have To Much Things To Do.....
Hehe Actually Not Haha 
Okay Those Been Capture When I Was At Keningau At My Grandpa Home And Somewhere At Kimanis Road.
All I Can Say Is How Great Thou Art ^ ^

I Can See This Everytime I Go Home ^ ^

A Red That Will Always Be Red ^ ^

Rise And Shine That's A Word Pop Up In Mind ^ ^

A Same High While I Was At 2 Peak Of Mount Kinabalu  ^ ^

Okay This Other Two Photo Are Just For Fun 
                     Or Else U Can Define ^ ^                                                               

A View From From Inside Perodua Alza ^ ^

One Of All Time Favorite ^ ^ "Ping Piah" Cookies Haha

Okay I'm Already Back From Some Halt Moment But Now My Kitlens Is Out Of Order Which Is Really Break My Legs Huhu
But I Will Go On For Some Simple Shoot With My Canon G11 

Till Then See Yaa ^ ^

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Postage Stamp

I Started Build My Interest With Stamp Since I Was Primary 3 After I Saw My Mother Old Collection Of Stamp And It Was A Fun And Awesome Hobby Hehehe.
But Sadly Some Of My Collection Lost In From My Album Huhu And Now What's Left Is The  Half Of My Collection. But No Worries There's A Lot Of Collection Out Where I Can Buy From Post Office,Some From Bookshop And Also Around Online Shop Around Internet Amazingly.

So Technically Postage Stamp Is No Different With Those Picture We Manage To Capture. The Only Things That Border It Is Those Stamp Have It Price And Some Of It Really Expensive For First Issue And Also Cheap For Domestic Use. Well Some Ordinary Idea Get In My Where I Capture Those Stamp Using Rule Of Third Technique 

So This Is How It Look....^ ^

Some Of My Oversea Stamp ^ ^ 

The 1960's To 1970's Malaysian Butterfly Definitve Collection Collect By Me And My Mother ^ ^

I Use To Have A Lot Of Australia Postage Stamps But Half Of It Lost And Some Of Been Bought By My Friend Long Ago ^ ^

Well Postage Stamp Is A Great Stuff To Collect So To You Guys Why If U Have A Great Collection Why Not We Meet And Share Our Collection. ^ ^

So That's All For Now I'm Still In Halt Mode For Photography Field But I Will Never Stop When It Comes To Point And Shoot  Stuff

Till Then See Yaa ^ ^