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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Postage Stamp

I Started Build My Interest With Stamp Since I Was Primary 3 After I Saw My Mother Old Collection Of Stamp And It Was A Fun And Awesome Hobby Hehehe.
But Sadly Some Of My Collection Lost In From My Album Huhu And Now What's Left Is The  Half Of My Collection. But No Worries There's A Lot Of Collection Out Where I Can Buy From Post Office,Some From Bookshop And Also Around Online Shop Around Internet Amazingly.

So Technically Postage Stamp Is No Different With Those Picture We Manage To Capture. The Only Things That Border It Is Those Stamp Have It Price And Some Of It Really Expensive For First Issue And Also Cheap For Domestic Use. Well Some Ordinary Idea Get In My Where I Capture Those Stamp Using Rule Of Third Technique 

So This Is How It Look....^ ^

Some Of My Oversea Stamp ^ ^ 

The 1960's To 1970's Malaysian Butterfly Definitve Collection Collect By Me And My Mother ^ ^

I Use To Have A Lot Of Australia Postage Stamps But Half Of It Lost And Some Of Been Bought By My Friend Long Ago ^ ^

Well Postage Stamp Is A Great Stuff To Collect So To You Guys Why If U Have A Great Collection Why Not We Meet And Share Our Collection. ^ ^

So That's All For Now I'm Still In Halt Mode For Photography Field But I Will Never Stop When It Comes To Point And Shoot  Stuff

Till Then See Yaa ^ ^

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