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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sigma 28-105mm UC-III

First Of All RIP SAL 18-70mm And Welcome Sigma 28-105mm......^ ^

Well It's Not A New Lens But Still It Works Well In My A200......Even There A Few Glitch Appear It Never Stop Me Hee......^ ^

I Did Mention Glitch Rite Yeah.......The Maximum Focal Of The Is F3.8 But When Attach To My Camera It Only F4.0....huhu. Not Only When I Swtich To Auto Mode The Focal Will Be On F16 Waaa.............So Small Damn!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha. But It Didn't Bother Me At All Since I Didn't Use Those Function At All Unless I Have A G-Lens Heee........!!!!!!!!!!

Well I Dun Want To Talk Further So U Guys Can See The Review From www.Dyxum.com


Those Two Photo Been Capture With Canon G11 In Scan Mode ^ ^

The Lens Attach With My Sony Alpha 200^ ^

The Condition Of The Lens Is Superb Even Been Around For 7 Years ^ ^

And Those Are Result From The Lens  Hee....^ ^
Warning : There A Little Touch Up But Didn't Effect The Original Result  

MyVi Door Handle.....

The Alternative For Those Brewed Stuff Hahahaha

The Heavy Plastic Internal Focus Give Me Advantage To 
Focus The Object Easily ^ ^

The So-So Bokeh Didn't Bother Since The True Object Can Be See ^ ^

Even With A Small Maximum Focal Length It Still Give A Hope For Me To Shoot In Low Light With External Flash And It Did Very Well ^ ^

This Is An Example Shot With External Flash ^ ^

Talent : Orlando Conrad 

This Is An Edited Version And Of Coz Noise Will Occur With High ISO But Still I Can Give 4 Star With The Lens Since The Optical Build Is Much Better Than The Sony Kit Lens ^ ^

Well I Guest That's For Now And After A Few Moment,Week And Time I Decide To Stick With One Brand.......Sony!!!!!! Hahahahaha So I Will Looking Forward To Get A New Body From Sony Yeah!!!!!! But At This There A Few Model Have In Malaysia Market So I Will Keep Waiting For Better Model Out Soon At Any Outlet ^ ^

Till Then See Yaa ^ ^


tubik said...

Haha fren. Susah betul mo jumpa ko nie. Geng2 alpha pun makin lupa sama ko tue. Anyway, jumpa adik ko tadi di skul.

pSyce!pHotography said...

Hahahaha Ya Bha Time Sia Tida Ngam Ni Hahaha Nda Pa Sia Try Pigi Mana2 Outing Alpha Nanti Haha. Aik Ada Bro Jumpa Ka HEhehe