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Monday, May 23, 2016

Bokeh With Love

Okay its been a while i parted away from such trendy photography but i never lack with any skill i'm still on the line.

So Bokeh as all photography enthusiast know is a quality background of photo or blurry background produce lens. We can see a lot bokeh produce photo around internet but some of it might be fake or just no story behind it.

Well so do I..photo below maybe have no story at all LOL

This shot been taken during Sugandoi Kaamatan Or Singing Competition few days ago.

Somehow my mind electrify me to take this shot spontaneously. Well the output is impressive and beautiful :)

So if you have a DSLR,DSLT,Mirrorles or whatever camera that can produce bokeh, just click at take it. It will be no harm to take bokeh....enjoy it.

So as usual i will say this 


Sacrificing Myself For Video Experiment (SLOW MOTION VIDEO)

Yes It Is...Sacrifice But I'm Not Dead Just Try To Satisfy My Idea To Make A Super Slow Motion Video And I Let Myself Become The Subject. So I Already Make Few Practice Of The Idea I Get From Website That I Found Few Years Ago And I Did Post A Video Of My Puppy Running Slow Motion 

Check My Previous Post Here :-

Well Today To Many Mainstream Social Media Like Youtube Users Already Make This Stuff But I Don't Care Because Its Never To Late For Sharing A Good Stuff Thou.

So Red Light...Check The Video Out

Yeah Still Not Slow Enough But Still, I Successfully Practice The Idea Of Interpolation. Yaaayyy!!
I Will Expect A Question Like Why Not Using Adobe After Effect With Twixtor??? Hhmm...Those Are Expensive Stuff To Purchase Legally So Since I Already Enthusiast With Sony Vegas I Prefer To Learn Hard Way. Worth For It!!! Knowledge Is Priceless.

After All Twixtor Can Be Use In Sony Vegas So I Just Need To Understand The Rule.

Well Thats It....

Let Us Inspire Each Other 

Sugandoi Or Singing Competition.

The Other Interesting Part Of Kaamatan festival Season Is Sugandoi A Singing Competition Which All Contestant Will Sing A Local Sabah Song Comprise The Local Folk Song, Modern Local Song And More.

But Once Again I Wont Explain The History Or Any Kind Of Explanation Here. A Lot Of Medium Already Share The Story Thou.

Plus I Wont Elaborate My Photo By Explain Their Singing Capabilities.

Now I Want To Share Something About LIVE CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY

Somehow Its Become A Trend On West And Lot Of Youngsters Love This But Its New Thou.
Since The Advent Of Photography This Particular Interest Exist Before The Peak Of Digital Technology.

The Amazing About Live Concert Photography Is When The Stage Is Shine With Variety Color With Amazing Performance 

But Let Me Remind Before I Proceed I Take A Shot Of Singing Competition Or Sugandoi And Some Might Ask Or Skeptic Say Its A Singing Competition Not Live....But Yeahh.......They Sing It Live Okay Not Miming Or Just Minus One Song Okay.

Second Is Im At A Gallery Set So My View Is Quite Far But Still Cover The Aim I Want To Explain.

The End Hahaha.

Okay Check It Out...

The Spotlight Color Is The My Main Focus Here.

Imagine Without Those Colors The Performance Are No Different And Take No Effect. 

Trust Me This Is True

Yeah This Is How It Look Like Thou...And Some Might Ask This Did You Take The Final Result Photo Of The Winner??? Unfortunately NO....My Camera Running Out Of Battery Due My Fault But I Don't Care Thou Because I'm Not Focus On That.

Well I Will Try To Attend Few Local Concert Soon If I Manage To Buy It Early Or Never. I Am So In Loved With Live Concert Photography.

To Those Who Want To Know The Update OF this Competition You Can Refer To This Link 

Blog By Mr Augustine Jumat

Anyway Check Also My Previous Post Back To 2013 Which 
I Cover A Kaamatan Festival Unduk Ngadau State Level 2013, KK Jazz Festival And Photography Outing.

Let Us Inspire Each Other 

Kaamatan Festival Season Part Two

Okay This Part Will Quite Short And I Just Want To Share What I Capture Recently There Some Sort Of Photo Not Related To Kaamatan Festival At All But Have Some Significant Mark In Sabah.

As I Mention At My Previous Post I Will Share How Kadazan Penampang Costume Look Like Right? Yes I Will Show It But Not Fully Because I Was Randomly Shot And Not Taking Serious My Focus That Day. 

Yeah...Cant See The Overall Costume But You Will See This Is How Kadazan Unduk Ngadau Look Like With Kadazan Penampang Costume, In The Photo Is One Of The Top 7 Finalist Penampang Unduk Ngadau.

Contestant Name : Joyce Liew Mei Ling
Photgrapher : Who Else Its Me.

Okay The End LOL....NOT YET!!!!

Okay As I Said Earlier I Will Slightly Share Something Out Of Kaamatan Festival Right?.

Just My Lucky Day That I Can Meet My Favorite Local Artist And Comedian Too During This Season. His Works Might Be Underrated But Still Having His Own Fans Is Still Positive And Good To Go For Greater Future.


He Dont To Speak Only With Action Can Entertain Me Even A Short Brief Meeting With Him. 
:) :) :) 

Sp I Dont Want To Miss A Chance To Have A Photo With Him Since Im Not Going To See Him Everyday.

Yeah Thats Me The Forgotten Hahahaha

Okay Maybe There Will Be A Part Three And Maybe Not 
So If I Did Post The Next Part, It Is There Hahaha

Let Us Inspire Each Other.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Slow Motion Techniques

Well Its Not A New Stuff Though. I Was Searching Around And Experiment Many Kind Of Method To Make This Video Effect Happen To Be Smooth Without Spending More Money With Better DSLR Or Handycam But Yet It Still Challenge Me And Bother Because Its Not Easy.

But I Found This Method Few Years But I Never Try It Because Its Really Hard For Me To Understand.

But Finally I Found One Channel Who Also Find The Same Method And Show A Brief Tutorial At Youtube And I Finally Understand How Simple It Is.

I Just Want To Thank You The Person Who So Generous To Share This Trick And Also Who Make A Video To Simplified The Explanation.

Here Is Video Sample Shoot With My DSLT Sony A65 With AVHD Format 50i With Full Manual Shutter Control.

The Edit Done In Sony Vegas 10 Pro 32 Bit With Lagarith Lossless Codec Feature During Rendering Session.

This Is The Tutorial I Found And Also A Channel Who View The Tutorial.

1.Eugenia Ransom Or Thought -

-The Tutorial Include A Lot Of Complicated Technique And Require A Lot Of Practice And Also It Require A Correct Video Camera Too. Wrong Equipment Will Result A Fail Output-

2. Frugal Filmmaker -

Smooth Slow Motion (using Sony Vegas Pro)


-A Kind Of Simplified Tutorial That Make My Life Easier Thou.
(Remember This Tutorial Doesn't Involve Twixtor Effect And It Pure Skill Knowledge Of Understanding The Procedure-

For A While I Was Parted Away From This Passion Of Slow Motion So That I Can Shot A Simple Video And For My Future Short-Movie But Still I Haven't Manage To Write A Script And Have Any Better Inspiration For My Short-Movie. Then Today I Have My Revelation By Understand This Technique. Its Like A Holy Grail For Me.

So This Is The First Video Experiment I Manage To Share For Now. I Have Few Finished Output But I Choose This For Enjoyable To Watch.

The Video Quality Bit Drop Off Because I Have A Limited Space For Now And Also I Have An Issue To Make It Look Better. 
Hope I Can Find A Better Rendition Of Better Quality Soon.

After Reading This Post You Might Ask Why I Would Take Such A Fuss To Practice This Technique Since A Lot Of Better Software And Plug-In Out There?, Well That Is Me I Love To Learn In Hard Because Its Really Enjoyable And I'm Not In The Rush To Make Such A Masterpiece Or Wonderful Output.

So......All And All

Let Us Inspire Each Other :D :D :D :D 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Im Coming Back with New Time Lapse Experience Soon

Okay Like The Title Say Yes I WILL!!!! LOL Finally After Few Years Of Absence From This Kind Of Work, I am Ready To Do It Again.

Since The Demise Of My Nikon Coolpix S10 Few Years Ago...I Start Losing My Grip But
Thank God I Still Have My Sony A200 To Live On.

Day By Day Time Lapse Getting Notice By everyone And Start To Do So And But No Creativity Just Typical Time Lapse. I Am So Upset And Somehow Those Force Me To Step Down For A Moment.

Now For Few Years Of Experiment Not Only Photography Itself, Videography And Music And Philosophy Make Me Lift Up The Dream Again

I Just Purchase And Action Camera With Time Lapse Feature Included And Its Time To Wake Up From Long Sleep And Have Fun Again.

Soon There Will Be A Surprise.

Well For Now I Just Share An Output From My Action Camera On Time Lapse Mode.


Kaamatan Festival Season

Sabah Is Significant With Harvest Festival Or Kaamatan Which Is Significant With Native Kadazan And Affiliate.
But Im Not Going To Explain The History Thou Hahaha....Unduk Ngadau Is Aim For This Post.

Well Unduk Ngadau Is Pretty Similar Like A Beauty Pageant But Not Really....But Today...Yeah Might Be Since The Commercialization Of Unduk Ngadau Become So Mainstream So The Influence Of International Concept Affect The Concept.

Well Again I Don't Want To Explain Those Too Because To Many Medium Can Explain The History,Purpose,Significant And Many More.

So As I Mention My Previous Post Few Month Ago I Will Come Back With New Post Of Photo 
Shot By Me...pSyce ;) ;)

Today I Only Use Two Lens For My Photography Since The Other Lens Is End Of Life. :( :( 
But It Never Limit My Imagination Thou.

So Why I Mention Kaamatan Festival Season But I Dont Want To Explain About.


Still Don't Get It??

Okay I Did Mention About Unduk Ngadau Just Now Right?

Yes This Is What We Can See During Harvest Festival Or KAAMATAN. 


As Sabah Have Many Indigenous Native And Tribe...We Can See Many Culture,Custom And Even Different Custom Attire From Different Native.

But Still A Girl In A Photo Is Still Kadazan Who Come From Different District That Slightly Have A Different Culture In Terms Costume Attire.

She Wear A Kadazan Papar District Custom Culture Attire Which More Artistic In Color.
Compare To Penampang Custom Quite Minimalist. I Have No Photo Of Penampang Costume But I Can Share Soon On My Next Post. 

Okay So Thats It? Yes Thats It....To Much Elaboration And Only Photo?

Okay More......This Time A Close Head Shot.

Both Photo Been Shot With Sony A65 With Sony SAL 100mm f2.8
And The Result From The Lens I Mention Is Amazing.
The Focus Is Very Share And The Color Keep Vibrant And Natural.

As You Can I Didn't Do Any Edit Instead Of Light Correction, Watermark And Frame.

When You Understand What You Want And Your Equipment There Will Be No Hassle To Get Your Best Shot.


And....That's All For Explanation. LOL

Not To Forget She Is Also One Of The Unduk Ngadau Contestant That Join The Contest 
At Papar District Sabah. Few Days Ago.


Photo Obviously Shot By Me.
Model : Cassandra Crystal.

So I Wanna Stop For Now Because I Want To Share About My New Equipment Or Gadget Instead On My Next Post 

Thank You :) :) :)