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Monday, May 23, 2016

Kaamatan Festival Season Part Two

Okay This Part Will Quite Short And I Just Want To Share What I Capture Recently There Some Sort Of Photo Not Related To Kaamatan Festival At All But Have Some Significant Mark In Sabah.

As I Mention At My Previous Post I Will Share How Kadazan Penampang Costume Look Like Right? Yes I Will Show It But Not Fully Because I Was Randomly Shot And Not Taking Serious My Focus That Day. 

Yeah...Cant See The Overall Costume But You Will See This Is How Kadazan Unduk Ngadau Look Like With Kadazan Penampang Costume, In The Photo Is One Of The Top 7 Finalist Penampang Unduk Ngadau.

Contestant Name : Joyce Liew Mei Ling
Photgrapher : Who Else Its Me.

Okay The End LOL....NOT YET!!!!

Okay As I Said Earlier I Will Slightly Share Something Out Of Kaamatan Festival Right?.

Just My Lucky Day That I Can Meet My Favorite Local Artist And Comedian Too During This Season. His Works Might Be Underrated But Still Having His Own Fans Is Still Positive And Good To Go For Greater Future.


He Dont To Speak Only With Action Can Entertain Me Even A Short Brief Meeting With Him. 
:) :) :) 

Sp I Dont Want To Miss A Chance To Have A Photo With Him Since Im Not Going To See Him Everyday.

Yeah Thats Me The Forgotten Hahahaha

Okay Maybe There Will Be A Part Three And Maybe Not 
So If I Did Post The Next Part, It Is There Hahaha

Let Us Inspire Each Other.


Secret5011 said...

lawak bro..bah love story mna haha

pSyce bOrneo said...

Bahagian mana yang lawak ni?? Hahahaha
Wah Ko mau Sia Buat Serious Punya Love Story Ka?