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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Slow Motion Techniques

Well Its Not A New Stuff Though. I Was Searching Around And Experiment Many Kind Of Method To Make This Video Effect Happen To Be Smooth Without Spending More Money With Better DSLR Or Handycam But Yet It Still Challenge Me And Bother Because Its Not Easy.

But I Found This Method Few Years But I Never Try It Because Its Really Hard For Me To Understand.

But Finally I Found One Channel Who Also Find The Same Method And Show A Brief Tutorial At Youtube And I Finally Understand How Simple It Is.

I Just Want To Thank You The Person Who So Generous To Share This Trick And Also Who Make A Video To Simplified The Explanation.

Here Is Video Sample Shoot With My DSLT Sony A65 With AVHD Format 50i With Full Manual Shutter Control.

The Edit Done In Sony Vegas 10 Pro 32 Bit With Lagarith Lossless Codec Feature During Rendering Session.

This Is The Tutorial I Found And Also A Channel Who View The Tutorial.

1.Eugenia Ransom Or Thought -

-The Tutorial Include A Lot Of Complicated Technique And Require A Lot Of Practice And Also It Require A Correct Video Camera Too. Wrong Equipment Will Result A Fail Output-

2. Frugal Filmmaker -

Smooth Slow Motion (using Sony Vegas Pro)


-A Kind Of Simplified Tutorial That Make My Life Easier Thou.
(Remember This Tutorial Doesn't Involve Twixtor Effect And It Pure Skill Knowledge Of Understanding The Procedure-

For A While I Was Parted Away From This Passion Of Slow Motion So That I Can Shot A Simple Video And For My Future Short-Movie But Still I Haven't Manage To Write A Script And Have Any Better Inspiration For My Short-Movie. Then Today I Have My Revelation By Understand This Technique. Its Like A Holy Grail For Me.

So This Is The First Video Experiment I Manage To Share For Now. I Have Few Finished Output But I Choose This For Enjoyable To Watch.

The Video Quality Bit Drop Off Because I Have A Limited Space For Now And Also I Have An Issue To Make It Look Better. 
Hope I Can Find A Better Rendition Of Better Quality Soon.

After Reading This Post You Might Ask Why I Would Take Such A Fuss To Practice This Technique Since A Lot Of Better Software And Plug-In Out There?, Well That Is Me I Love To Learn In Hard Because Its Really Enjoyable And I'm Not In The Rush To Make Such A Masterpiece Or Wonderful Output.

So......All And All

Let Us Inspire Each Other :D :D :D :D 

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