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Monday, November 21, 2011

Shryshane De Portraite

For Month I Didn't Show Up With New Post Finally I Got A Free Time To Share Something Here

Recently I Join A Short Outing With "Okay Arr.../Natap Photography Shooting Session On 21 November 2011

So This Is A One Of My Shot I Captured That Day

Talent :
Sharyshane Ivra Henry 

Credits :
Vincent Yee(Natap Photography)
Terrence Isaac Majin 

Gear :
Sony Alpha 200 + YN 460 Flash (2 Unit) + DIY Gel Diffuser.

More Shot Will Out Soon ^ ^

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Portrait.....25 Sept

Unexpected Time To Go For It But Yes!!! Hehehe

Actually I Just Want To One Model Who Is My Friend Hahahaha
And Such A Coincidence My Photographer Friend Pass By And He Invited Me To Join His Outing Hee...^ ^

Okay Here It Is ^ ^

Credit : Wan Hippo Sappuhtui (My Bro!!!!!)

 Orlando Conrad

Annacheterue Lorh 

Lydz Magdalena

Marissa Adelina

Will Looking Forward To Make A Concept Portraiture Too...
That's All For Now ^ ^

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let Me Share ^ ^

Well I Don't Know How To Start Since My Last Post But Still I Want To Share This Interesting Moment When My Vacation At Philippine.

Few Month There's A Rumor There Will Be A Massive Demonstration Organized By Bersih 2.0. Sadly The Rally Didn't Happen At Kota Kinabalu But Still I Feel Great Coz No Chaos Happen Hahaha

So I Think It's My Luck When I Was At Manila Around Rizal Park On The National Heroes Day, there a some Rally run by some those immigrant to demand their salary to be up more than they got according to my driver that time hehe......

Quite Panic A Bit Since They Conquered The Main Road Until The Road Stuck For More Than 30 Minute...
It's Long To Me Pheww .....

Well Those A Shot I Manage To Capture....

 Very High Spirit
 To Much People....

Luckily I Was In The Car

Okay That Was The Early Situation....
Later In The Evening....
On The Same Place....
After The Rally Settle Down.....

Something That Not Always I Can I My Place And It's Awesome!!

Did You Interested??
Anytime When You Feel Hungry
How I Wish I Can Bring That Home.....

All I Can I Say Is Awesome ^ ^

Well That's All For Now Anyway 
Currently I'm Part Of Official Event Organize 
By My Friend And Below Is A Promotional Poster ^ ^

Will Post Some Progress From The Event And Check Out My 
Facebook Page Ya ^ ^


Monday, August 22, 2011

Back And Leave Again.....

Well It's Been A Month I Didn't Post Any New Stuff Here N Now Here It Is....
I Really Miss To Share Haha Got A Tons Of Photo To Be Share But Some It Missplace In My Hardisk....Sad.....But Nevermind, I Will Share More Soon...Hopefully

Okay...Now I Want To Share Something Great To Me....^ ^ 

2 Years Ago I Manage To Capture This Cloudspace From My Home Balcony.It Looks Like A Lizard Or Dragon To Me.
So Here It Is Back To 2 Years Ago....

Yeah...That It Is A Cloud That Pull My Attention 2 Year Ago 
With My Old Watermark Embedded I Still Remember Took It Around 5pm Almost Dusk Anyway This Shot Been Capture With "Nikon Coolpix S10"

And Two Weeks Ago At The Same Place Where I Capture The Photo Another Cloud Form Almost Similar With Cloud That Form 2 Year Ago...

Well It Might Not 100% Similar But Still Really2x Close Since I Take A Different Angle This Time.
This Shot Been Capture With Sony A200

All N All I Can Say It Is Awesome To Experience Something Like This.....Hopefully I Will See The Same Cloud Form One Day ^ ^

Monday, July 18, 2011

Silhouette Mode

As The Title Said....Silhouette Me With My Friend Take Another View And Move In Amazing Evening Sunset ^ ^

Credit :
pSyce bOrneo
Orlando Conrad
Danny Junior
Cyril Bestan 
Leslie Junior
 Jump For Your Life

 Open Wide Ur Hand To The World

 Stand By You 

 Reign Your Spirit

Just Feel Amazing....

The Art Of God Never Let Us Stop To Praise It
So Let's Appreciate It ^ ^

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Only Orchid So Far

After A While Finally Our Only Orchid Tree Bloom And Keep On Growing

This A First Been Capture After I Find Out The Tree Start Blooming ^ ^

I Wish This Tree Make Purple N Blue Orchid
 Next Time ^ ^

Monday, July 4, 2011

Jump Attack With Love.......^ ^

Yeah That's Me It's Been A While Didn't Jump So Now Let Me Jump With Love Hee.....Enjoy ^ ^

Friday, July 1, 2011

Evelyn Lim 2011

Well...Met Her Last Year And Make A Official Debut Photoshoot For Her When She Back Permanently To Sabah And This Year Ask Her For Some Little Portfolio For My Vault And 4 Her Too ^ ^ 

So Now I Just Returned Back To Bring My World To You Guys And Share What I Want In My Portrait N Any Shoot Of Mine ^ ^

 My Favourite Pose That I Always Ask Model To Do ^ ^

Play With Black N White...Well it's Worth ^ ^

Once Again I Would Like To Annouce That I've Open An Facebook Fanpage For My Work ^ ^
So Feel Free Just Have A Little Click For Me Hee ^ ^

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Facebook Fanpage

Whoaa.........I Been Lost For Almost 1 Month Huhu.....Really Sorry About That.....Yeah Kinda Busy Struggling To Fight My Sickness Huhu.........Got An Ulcer In Mouth LikE a Gold Mine......Still Thank God For His Strong For Me And Now I Back For Action And Will Climb Bit By A Bit ^ ^

Anyway I Have Made My Facebook Fanpage For pSyce!pHotography

So Guys Support Me........Hee.........^ ^

Click The Picture 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Puppy Oh,,,Puppy

Yeah Very Cute Puppy 
I Wish I Can Hug Them 24 Hours Hahahaha
Okay Those Now At My Friends House Rite Now 
So This Is A Shot I Manage To Capture ^ ^

Eeeeeeee.........Okay That's All I Can't Stand It Hahahahaha

Sunday, May 15, 2011

pSyce ! loMo

Well I Start Play With Lomo Since 2006 When I Find Out How To Play With My "1998 Color Mix Camera" But I Didn't Play It Seriously So I Have A Lack Of Lomo Photo From 5 Years Back. But I Start Play With Lomo Again When I Saw A "Diana F" Advertisement Around Middle Year Of 2009 So I'm Dying Try To Get One For Me Hahahaha But When I Find Out It Only Use 43mm Film I Stop My Intention To Get It Coz It's Really Hard To Find The Film Huhu.....

Okay Let's Make It Short I Have A Few Shot Done Few Days Ago And Also Today So Check It Out ^ ^

Note : Film Been Develop And Scan At "Evergreen Photo Color Shop "

         2011 Down To 1995.......
The Tone Is Really Similar With My Mom Old Picture ^ ^
Sunshine In Lomo ^ ^
Bring Memories ??
Window Of Memories
Overblown With Fun Hehe ^ ^

Yes...This Is It Lomo Mode 
Now I Have One More Gadget To Add Haha
Yashica Lomo Soon ^ ^

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Short Trip

Yup A Very Short Trip To Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre For SYD(Sabah Youth Day) - 3 Recollection To Discuss About The Preparation For The Event Next Year And I'm One Of The Documentation Member.
So...I Manage To Capture Something That Pull My Attention Around The Retreat Centre.

So....This Is It 

    How I Wish This Orchid Around My House ^ ^

An Orchid Come From "Orchidoideae" Family Species

Quite Common For Everyone But Why Not We Keep It As Record Rite ^ ^

So That's One Of The Shot I Can Share Rite Now. Will Post More Stuff 
From There And Will Consider To Go Back There To Do Something More Interesting ^ ^

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Water Is Water ...

Yeah It's About Water Hehe.....Okay It Happen After Saturday Afternoon Rain And Our Are Surrounded With Water Or Small Flood. So The Idea Came Out From Mind Movement And Water So This Is What Happen When Those Are Capture Inside Become Photo

Check It Out  ^ ^

Note : pHoto bEen dRamatize wIth eFfect 

 Turn Circle With Full Of Heart Haha
 Fly Down From The Sky Above??
Nothing To Aim Just Reach The Sky
I'm Not Moses I Just Want To 
Splash The Water!!!!!!!!!!!

That's It We'll Out Again With More Stuff Soon ^ ^

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something No Special.....

Well I Guess My Workflow Quite Slow Currently Coz I've Been Busy With Something Else
But Still I Will Never Stop Clicking My Shutter.....

Currently I've Been Struggling To Bring My Feet Far Away From My Homeland But
It Seems The Day Is Not Siding Me For Moment So....I Have To Be Steady And Cool
But I Will Never Stop.^ ^

So Those Was A Few Shot I Manage To Capture During Good Friday .....^ ^
(Note : Photo Have Dramatize With Effect)


           Two Different Photo With Different  Focal With Sigma 28-105mm ^ ^


Those Are Been Shot During Station Of The Cross Session
At Vasai Peak ^ ^

Well It Still Not To Late To Wish Happy Easter Rite Hehe
Till Then Will Post More Work When I Free 
See Yaa ^ ^

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time Lapse Experience 2011

Actually I Already Publish This Video In My Facebook Account So Here It Is....

Open For Bloggers To Watch ^ ^

Will Consider For New Shot Sooner Or Later.....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


While I Have A Conversation With My Mom Suddenly Something Pull My Attention From Outside My Window......

Well That What I See Now Hehe So....Till Then...^ ^

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sigma 28-105mm UC-III

First Of All RIP SAL 18-70mm And Welcome Sigma 28-105mm......^ ^

Well It's Not A New Lens But Still It Works Well In My A200......Even There A Few Glitch Appear It Never Stop Me Hee......^ ^

I Did Mention Glitch Rite Yeah.......The Maximum Focal Of The Is F3.8 But When Attach To My Camera It Only F4.0....huhu. Not Only When I Swtich To Auto Mode The Focal Will Be On F16 Waaa.............So Small Damn!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha. But It Didn't Bother Me At All Since I Didn't Use Those Function At All Unless I Have A G-Lens Heee........!!!!!!!!!!

Well I Dun Want To Talk Further So U Guys Can See The Review From www.Dyxum.com


Those Two Photo Been Capture With Canon G11 In Scan Mode ^ ^

The Lens Attach With My Sony Alpha 200^ ^

The Condition Of The Lens Is Superb Even Been Around For 7 Years ^ ^

And Those Are Result From The Lens  Hee....^ ^
Warning : There A Little Touch Up But Didn't Effect The Original Result  

MyVi Door Handle.....

The Alternative For Those Brewed Stuff Hahahaha

The Heavy Plastic Internal Focus Give Me Advantage To 
Focus The Object Easily ^ ^

The So-So Bokeh Didn't Bother Since The True Object Can Be See ^ ^

Even With A Small Maximum Focal Length It Still Give A Hope For Me To Shoot In Low Light With External Flash And It Did Very Well ^ ^

This Is An Example Shot With External Flash ^ ^

Talent : Orlando Conrad 

This Is An Edited Version And Of Coz Noise Will Occur With High ISO But Still I Can Give 4 Star With The Lens Since The Optical Build Is Much Better Than The Sony Kit Lens ^ ^

Well I Guest That's For Now And After A Few Moment,Week And Time I Decide To Stick With One Brand.......Sony!!!!!! Hahahahaha So I Will Looking Forward To Get A New Body From Sony Yeah!!!!!! But At This There A Few Model Have In Malaysia Market So I Will Keep Waiting For Better Model Out Soon At Any Outlet ^ ^

Till Then See Yaa ^ ^