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Monday, May 23, 2016

Sacrificing Myself For Video Experiment (SLOW MOTION VIDEO)

Yes It Is...Sacrifice But I'm Not Dead Just Try To Satisfy My Idea To Make A Super Slow Motion Video And I Let Myself Become The Subject. So I Already Make Few Practice Of The Idea I Get From Website That I Found Few Years Ago And I Did Post A Video Of My Puppy Running Slow Motion 

Check My Previous Post Here :-

Well Today To Many Mainstream Social Media Like Youtube Users Already Make This Stuff But I Don't Care Because Its Never To Late For Sharing A Good Stuff Thou.

So Red Light...Check The Video Out

Yeah Still Not Slow Enough But Still, I Successfully Practice The Idea Of Interpolation. Yaaayyy!!
I Will Expect A Question Like Why Not Using Adobe After Effect With Twixtor??? Hhmm...Those Are Expensive Stuff To Purchase Legally So Since I Already Enthusiast With Sony Vegas I Prefer To Learn Hard Way. Worth For It!!! Knowledge Is Priceless.

After All Twixtor Can Be Use In Sony Vegas So I Just Need To Understand The Rule.

Well Thats It....

Let Us Inspire Each Other 

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