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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Of All I Want To Say Sorry For Lost In Action For Few Week Coz I Have A Lot Things To Do And Commitment So Now I Will Be Back In Action This New Year And Soon I Will Show More Photo I Have Capture With My Friend Too..........Well Now I Have A Lot Of Talented Friend Who Can Capture Photo With Awesome Level........

That's All For Now 

Till Then

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

When The Bulb Is On The Mode

Basically Bulb Mode Use For Capture A Streak of Light Or Firework But How About Capture A Person Without Moving??? That Might Be Quite Crazy And I Did It With My Fellow Friend Hahahaha

It's Like A Game Us Coz We Will Freeze For Any Second Without Moving. Well The Result Might Not Be Impressive But We Done It Hehehehe

(Note : As You Know Those Photo Been Capture With Bulb Mode So Dun Question About The The Sharpness)

Talent : pSyce bOrneo , Orlando Conrad , Aloysius Moguil

My Wish Is..........

Drunk With Soda..........

It's A Big Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Between See Or Saw???

So The Conclusion Is Bulb Mode Is Awesome Hahahahaha

Okay Will Stop Here And Will Post More Stuff Hopefully Tomorrow ^ ^ 

....Till Then Keep On Cracking

Monday, December 13, 2010

Light !! Light !! Light !!

I Just Get My Yong Nuo 460 Speedlite Last Week And Straightly I Went To Use It For Fun And See How's The Result With Average Synchronize Speed At 1/200 And It Was Great For My Sony Alpha 200 Hehehehehe........ Currently I Start To Fall In Love With Any Movement Whatever It Is And I'm Glad The "460" Flash Help Me To Get What I Want ^ ^

So This Is The Result I Get Earlier :D

Talent :
pSyce bOrneo (Myself)
Orlando Conrad 
Paul Athama

Don't Harm Animal....Hahahaha

I'm Flying Without Wings Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

I Found Something To Bright My Future!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Looking For You Muahahahahaaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(That's Me)

A Nice Day With My Premium Hehe.....

Hehehe Really Love Those Moment It's Awesome.....Hehehehe

Well That's All For Now I Will Show More Soon 

Till Then Keep On Cracking ^ ^

Thursday, December 9, 2010

When Nikon L21 In Action...........

Previously I Reveal My New Little Gear Nikon Coolpix L21 With Pink Colour Hehehe
Well It Really Help Me When I Want To Shoot Something Without My DSLR
It Might Not So Impressive But Who Cares About Quality At All. If We Keep Looking For That Where Is The Of Point N Shoot ???

Anyway I Put Some Effect To Every Photo I Capture To Make It More Dramatic ^ ^                            

The Fish Eye Dream......

Never Imagine If I Live KL.............

Dreamy Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)

 Wings That Bring Me Home.......

My Heart Feel So  Relief When My Leg Step On Motherland..........No Place Like Home

pHeewwww wHat jOurney I Yayy...Hahaha
sO aLL I cAn sAy L21 iS aWesome Camera.
tHe joY oF pOint N Shoot IS There !!!!!!

Anyway Christmas Is Coming So I Will Do A Walk Soon Around KK Looking For Christmas Mode 

Till Then Keep On Cracking For New Post ^ ^

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Felicity Vincent .......^ ^

Once Again My Bro "Wan Hippo Sappuhtui"Brought Another Model For Photoshoot Yeah!!!!!

That Day Was Rain And We Almost Can't Make It But Me With My Bro Keep On Insist To Carry On And Suddenly The Rain Stop Unexpectedly Hahahahahahaha. So....Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Here It Is.....

So That's It Hehehe
Will Post Something Related To Her Next Time ^ ^

Till Then Keep On Cracking For New Post ^ ^

When The Infection Spread Hahaha

Don't Worry There Is No Virus Gonna Attack.....Only Jump Attack Hahahahaha
Those Moment Been Capture My Friend And Me. I Think I Can Have My Own Jump Club Already Hahahaha But Not Now. It Will Come Yeah!!!!!!!!!

So This Is It!!!!!!!! ^ ^

Non Of Us Can Imagine This Can Be Happen Hahahahaha

The Winner For Highest Jump Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Of Us Really Like To Jump Hahahahahahaa

Opps.....I Misplace Other Photo Hahahahaahha
Well That's All For Now Will Post New Stuff Soon ^ ^

Till Then Keep On Cracking For New Post ^ ^

Friday, December 3, 2010

Like Before......

Hehehehe Today I Made It Again But I'm Thinking To End The Favor Pick For A While Since I Have A Lot Of Favorite Photo Hahahahahaha

But Now Let's Go On Further Okay Hahahahahaa

Those Shot Been Capture Around 3 Month Ago. I Have Post Some Photo The Session Before But This Time Let's Go To Crazy And Dizzy Session Hahahahaha

Dramatic Punch By Natalie To Bro Wan Hippo Hahahahahaha

Interrogation Done By Me Hahahahaha Confess!!!!!!!!!!!!

U Think U Can Run Away From Me Buddy Muahahahahaha!!!!!!

More N More Will Coming.......I Will Stop Here For Moment And Will Post More Soon

Till Then Keep On Cracking Ya ^ ^

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back For Jumping Hehehe..........

Almost 2 Week I Away From My Blog Coz I'm Doing Something Else And I Really Miss To Press My Shutter And Jump Hahahahaha.My Big Bro Wan Hippo Bring Hir Friend For Photoshoot So That Mean I Will Be In Queue To Hehe. The Biggest Thing That Make Shock Is I Become Dumb Again After Just One Week Over Didn't Hold My Camera Seriously Hahahahahaha. I Did Use For My Camera For Fun But When It Come To Something Different Like "Photoshoot" I Become So Blurry.

So This Is One Of My Shot I've Capture Two Days Ago ^ ^

Talent : Amiey Manda 

But Still.....I Never Be Dumb When It Come To Jumping Hahahahaha. 

So This Is The First Jump After Lot Of Rest Hahahaha 

I Start To Realise That I Jump Higher Day By Day Hahahahahaha This Shot Been Capture At Taman Rimba Kota Kinabalu ^ ^

Well This Is A First Session Post And I Will Share More About My Two Weeks Activity Away From My Computer Soon

Till Then Keep On Cracking for New Post ^ ^