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Monday, May 23, 2016

Sugandoi Or Singing Competition.

The Other Interesting Part Of Kaamatan festival Season Is Sugandoi A Singing Competition Which All Contestant Will Sing A Local Sabah Song Comprise The Local Folk Song, Modern Local Song And More.

But Once Again I Wont Explain The History Or Any Kind Of Explanation Here. A Lot Of Medium Already Share The Story Thou.

Plus I Wont Elaborate My Photo By Explain Their Singing Capabilities.

Now I Want To Share Something About LIVE CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY

Somehow Its Become A Trend On West And Lot Of Youngsters Love This But Its New Thou.
Since The Advent Of Photography This Particular Interest Exist Before The Peak Of Digital Technology.

The Amazing About Live Concert Photography Is When The Stage Is Shine With Variety Color With Amazing Performance 

But Let Me Remind Before I Proceed I Take A Shot Of Singing Competition Or Sugandoi And Some Might Ask Or Skeptic Say Its A Singing Competition Not Live....But Yeahh.......They Sing It Live Okay Not Miming Or Just Minus One Song Okay.

Second Is Im At A Gallery Set So My View Is Quite Far But Still Cover The Aim I Want To Explain.

The End Hahaha.

Okay Check It Out...

The Spotlight Color Is The My Main Focus Here.

Imagine Without Those Colors The Performance Are No Different And Take No Effect. 

Trust Me This Is True

Yeah This Is How It Look Like Thou...And Some Might Ask This Did You Take The Final Result Photo Of The Winner??? Unfortunately NO....My Camera Running Out Of Battery Due My Fault But I Don't Care Thou Because I'm Not Focus On That.

Well I Will Try To Attend Few Local Concert Soon If I Manage To Buy It Early Or Never. I Am So In Loved With Live Concert Photography.

To Those Who Want To Know The Update OF this Competition You Can Refer To This Link 

Blog By Mr Augustine Jumat

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Let Us Inspire Each Other 

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