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Monday, October 4, 2010

Psyce,Hippo And The Sharpshooter Trio Oppsss Natalie Too ^ ^

An Awesome Sunday Outing Photography Yeah.........That's All I Can Say
Lot Of Thing Been Learned And Enjoy. All Of Us Have Fun Since The Sharpshooter Trio Also With Us Everything Become So Merry Yeah!!!!!!!

Instead Of That This Is A First Outing I Use My Minolta MD Rokkor f2.0 50mm Lens For Portraiture Shoot And It's Really Challenging And Great Since I Can Only One Function For This Lens(Manual Mode) I Manage To Find A Proper Setting Even It's Quite Tricky For Few Minute Huhu.

Well....At Last I Made It And Those A One Of The Result  ^ ^

Smiling At My Watermark Hihihi ^ ^

The Flamboyant Expression From Natalie ^ ^

When We Feel So Much Fun This Is What Happen Next Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!

Vommit The Speedlite Yeah!!!!!!!!!! We Are Too Hungry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Light Of Anger Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well  That's One Of Those Shoot I've Manage To Take And Once Again
Wanna Thank You To Bro Wan Hippo,Natalie And The Sharpshoothers Trio
U Guys Are Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Photo By : Izzal Sharpshooter )

Keep On Cracking New Post Will Come ^ ^

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