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Sunday, May 15, 2011

pSyce ! loMo

Well I Start Play With Lomo Since 2006 When I Find Out How To Play With My "1998 Color Mix Camera" But I Didn't Play It Seriously So I Have A Lack Of Lomo Photo From 5 Years Back. But I Start Play With Lomo Again When I Saw A "Diana F" Advertisement Around Middle Year Of 2009 So I'm Dying Try To Get One For Me Hahahaha But When I Find Out It Only Use 43mm Film I Stop My Intention To Get It Coz It's Really Hard To Find The Film Huhu.....

Okay Let's Make It Short I Have A Few Shot Done Few Days Ago And Also Today So Check It Out ^ ^

Note : Film Been Develop And Scan At "Evergreen Photo Color Shop "

         2011 Down To 1995.......
The Tone Is Really Similar With My Mom Old Picture ^ ^
Sunshine In Lomo ^ ^
Bring Memories ??
Window Of Memories
Overblown With Fun Hehe ^ ^

Yes...This Is It Lomo Mode 
Now I Have One More Gadget To Add Haha
Yashica Lomo Soon ^ ^

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