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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Random Pick From Archive Or Maybe Just Never Show Up Here.

 Well I'm Away For A Long Time Before I Am Back Fully This Year And I Hope Will Never Stop Again 

So I Just Want To Share Few Photo From Previous Until Recently That Not Intended To Be A Story 
At All 

 Okay I Think I Already Uploaded This Photo Before At My SYD Post Last Month But What Make Love This Photo Is What I Call It Pure Passion On What I Ask Them To Do....Just Fun And Awesome.
 This Was Taken Last Year And The Unforgettable Story About This Photo Is When I See The Perspective And Three People Who Are So Good At Posing...How Great It Is When One Photo Mark Your Life Story Forever :) 

 Okay The First Photo Taken Using Panorama Sweep Function And The Second One Just Taken With Normal Angle. Both Taken Two Years Ago...And So Far I Feel This Is the Best Shot I've Taken Even There Is A Flaw....The Satisfaction To See Is More Favorable Than Wasting Your Time Snapping Thousand Photo
 Supposed I Want To Take A Photo During Yellow Sunset With The Bliss Cloud Covering The Forest But Unfortunately The Day Not Generous To Me. So This Is What Get And Yeah Its Average But Yet Satisfying. Anyway This Taken 3 Months Ago 
 I Dont Even Know What Kind Flower Is This...But When You Have A Macro Lens For Sure You Not Gonna Miss This One. Taken Few Weeks Ago 
 Im Seeing A Monkey Everyday so Why Not Take A Photo Of It Right So...This Is A Monkey That Consider Friendly But A Bit Intimidating Because It Will Not Be Nice To A Stranger. Taken Six Months Ago  
Finally This Is My Dog...Call Chubby A.K.A Juling(Mean Bosseye) One Spoil And Hyper Active  Dog But Now She Is Less Active After Become A Mother To A Three Puppies. Taken Year Ago...

HHhhmmm.....Well I Will Stop For Now. If I Found Some Photo That I Didnt Share Before I Will Feature It Here Soon...But Will Take Time.....I Have A Lot But Some Of It Are Just Personal Collection But Why Not To Share It Right :)

Let Us Inspire Each Other 

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