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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bokeh Mood Continue

Yeah My Mood For Bokeh Still On And Today I Attempt To Custom Bokeh With My 17-50mm Zoom Lens Well It End With Failure Hahahaha I Still Can Figure A Right Measure For The Lens Thread But Its Okay I Will Solve It Soon.

Well It Doesn't Stop Me. So I Back To My SAL 100mm Macro Lens And Now I Am Feel Awesome With Subject Included Or I Can Say Model LOL

I Feel Grateful With Her Presence That  I Can Snap A Good Shot With Custom Bokeh :)

She Is -NERA- Kupi-Kupi FM Deejay 

All Shot Fill With Different Film Effect And I Use Three Custom Bokeh 

Check It  Out :)

Well Honestly I Feel Not Satisfied Because I Want To Capture More On Night Shot But Its Okay These Is Next Time Yaaayyy

Well This Is Not The End...I Will Come Up With Different Subject And Idea If It Comes To Me HAHAHAHAHA

Let Us Inspire Each Other

pSyce ! pHotography 

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