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Sunday, July 10, 2016

More Dreamy Bokeh And I Mean Pure Bokeh

Well Today I Spend My Evening With Taking Few More Dreamy Bokeh....DIY Bokeh And Bokeh Bokeh...I Snap A Lot But I Choose Few That I Think Nice Not The Best LOL

So Yesterday I Made It And Today I Continue...Next Time I Will.

Now I Present You A My Custom Bokeh Inspire By Lensbaby DIY Bokeh Kit(Not Inspire I Copied It LOL)

Those Shot Were In Order From Time I Start Till The End Of My Photography Walk 

Credit To (Lensbaby) For Such Inspiring Bokeh Shape I Copied :)

 While Im Driving I Notice Those Night Light Started To Shine So I Decide To Take A Shot While I Am  Driving....So This Is "Diamond Aperture Shape" As Label By Lensbaby Well...My View For My Weekend Photo Will Never Be The Same Anymore :) 

 I Stopped Somewhere Around To Change The Aperture Shape So I Try This...."Dripsplat Aperture Shape"...Suprisingly It Give My Some Sort Bliss Feeling From This Output :)

So Much Dreamy Feeling And Just Wuuu....I Imagine If My Everyday Vision Look Like This How Dizzy I Can Be But Still Immerse In Excitement ;)

 So I've Seen Many Photo Around Internet Showing This Sweet Bokeh..."Love Bokeh"...Indeed In Normal Vision Its Only Some Sort Of Cliche Subject And Object But When You Bring Yourself Far A Bit You Will See Sweetness In Your Passion.

 A View That Always Can Be Seen On Rainy Season But This Is Only Taken With "Slot Aperture Shape" Who Can Imagine Those Annoying Light Can Look Like A Sandwich Hahahaa

 Three Bird Aperture Shape Are Strange Shape For Me But The Result Are So Wuuuuweeeee To Me Its Like Scene Of Wild Weekend LOL

Well Star Over The Sky Are Not So Interesting For Me To See Sometime Unless Im Doing Milkyway Or Time Lapse....But This Will Define My Interest Toward Stars Once Again In My Life :)

Well To Be Honest This Is Not Satisfy Me Enough Because I Know I Can Do Better Than This...

In My Future Post I Will Blend A Portrait Photography Will Essence Of Lomography And Of Course Custom Bokeh As Show....More Interesting And Absurd Shape Will Take Shape Soon.. :)

Thank You For Your Time :)

Let Us Inspire Each Other 

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