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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dreamy And Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh

Alright....Finally I Did This And It Work....4 Years Ago I Was Intended To Do This But Not Success Finally I Made It...Yes I Made It!!!!

Im Not The First One To Do This Yeah It Need Efforts To Succeed What You Want To Accomplish.

I Love Dreamy Effect And I Am Lomo Lover And Film Camera Enthusiast But Sadly Today Its Very Hard To Find A Camera Film And Cost To Develop a Film Is Getting Expensive Even The Chemical Are More Expensive.

So Now At This Current Digital Era...I Need To Improvise And Creative. Yes Its A Must And Compulsory.

I Always Wish To Buy A Plactic Lens From Lensbaby But The Price Tag Wont Let Me...And Its Just Ridiculous With Such Price At 1000ringgit.

My Wonder End When Sony Offer A Claasic Filter In Later Model But It Still Not Satisfy But Today Yes I Satisfy Myself...Thank You God For Inspire Me.

Have You Ever Try Or Heard DIY Bokeh? Yes That's What I Do Today...Yes I Made It Yaaayyyyy.

Dreamy Effect With Custom Bokeh Is Such An Addiction To Photography Enthusiast And It Will Take You To Another Level.

Wait?? Custom Bokeh?? Yes...Custom Bokeh.....


Let Me Show You.... ;) ;)

Yes This Is It...Custom Bokeh.....Love Bokeh....And Few Shape Can Be Custom According To Your Passion....My Heart Just Say Wooohhooooo Happy Hahahaha 

If You Want To Make One Just Do It...If You Know To Do It Hehehehe

Well One Doesn't Enough So I Go Mental A Bit When I Made It Hahahaha

My Summer Feeling Heating Up....Joke....My Country Dont Have 4 Seasons...So Celebrate Summer Whole Year Forever Hahahaha

 I Dont Remember Where This Toy Came from But It Seem Really Fit With The Essence Of The Photo Hahaha....I Just Love It Hahahaha

 I Remember Few Years Ago Lensbaby Show A Sample Photo That Almost Resemble This Shot Ive Taken :) :) 

 Will You Resist Not To See This Photogenic Orang Utan ?? Gosh She Is My Crush Now Hahahahaha  

 Okay...Enuf With Orang Utan. You think Ultraman Can't Be Photogenic....Then Those Photo Prove They Better Than Model Out There Hahahaha

And This Is What I Dream To Do Capture And Finally I Made It.....Dreamy Summer With Starry Bokeh....What Better Than That???

Gosh.....I Am Happy Happy Super Happy And Turbo Happy....Chiuuuchuchuchuchu Hahahaha

Okay That's It For Now

I Will Post More Photo With Lovely Bokeh Thats A Promise 

Let Us Inspire Each Other

pSyce pHotography 

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