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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Macro Time (Long Time) LOL

Its Been A While I Did Not Take Any Macro Photo Seriously But Thank God I Manage To Capture Few While At Kampung Recently
I Would Like To Express My Sincere Thank You To My Friend For Letting em Borrow His Lens For A Long Time....Bro Ronnie You Are Awesome :) 

I Dont Have A Chance To Capture Macro Subject Since I Was Busy Before...Maybe I Did But Not Too Impressive Hahaha

I Am So Glad That I Have One Plug-In For My Photoshop That Help Me To Make My Photo Taken With Film Camera.

Well Done For Intro. Check It Out :D :D 

A Small Flowers That Always Grow Around My House House At Kampung  :) (Notice Those Grains How Great Those Feeling)

And Now Its Butterfly Season And Im So Exctied But Sadly I Only Manage To Capture Only Few Shot...To Many Of Them But To Active To Be Snap Gggrrr.....

My Conclusion Just Awesome Thou Its Like A Sanctuary Of Butterfly While Im At Kampung.....Weeeee Hahahaha

Well This Is It For Now...Will Post New Update Soon...Will Make Some Portrait :)

Let Us Inspire Each Other 

pSyce pHotography

dic' kampung = village

1 comment:

framichele said...

Did you post also the pictures of the butterflies in Poring? on Wednesday Sr. Julita and three ladies from Keningau visit me in our monastery: I am very happy about this possibility, to continue the contacts to Catholic Sabah.