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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kaamatan Festival Season Final Chapter - Unduk Ngadau State 2016

Yeah This Is Final Chapter For 2016 Kaamatan Festival Season Post...But This Is Not The End...Festival Still Going Somewhere I Don't Know...
Go Check Around If You Are Local Sabahan Kay. :) :) 

So This Year I Come And Snap Again For Unduk Ngadau Contest 2016 To Fill The Heat Of My Passion In Photography Again. I Feel Funny And Ironic Thou Because I Just Realize I Only Go Unduk Ngadau State Level Every Three Years Only. I Didn't Notice This Until Open My Previous Post Of Harvest Festival, It Was Three Years Ago On 2013 And Another Was At 2010. So Maybe...
I Will Come Back To That Unduk Ngadau 
Arena On 2019 Or Never Hahaha.

Let Me Remind Everyone In This Post I Will Not Involve Personal Comment Or Opinion About The Contestant. I Am Not Perfect,
Yet Full But I Have No Right To Comment Any Of Them.

You Might Gonna Comment My Photo But I Don't Care....
What Will You Is What I See.

Due To Limited Space For Freelancer Like Me My Photo Will Not Spectacularly Impressive.
Accept My Apology For This I Am Sorry.

So Check It Out

So This Is The Top Three Winner Of 
2016 Unduk Ngadau State Level.

And Below Is Top 7 In Order

1st Penampang - Sherry Anne Laujang

2nd Kudat - Clarissa Henry 

3rd Banggi - Fenny Ester Joslin

4th Matunggong - Vinny Alvionnita Sasisting

5th Papar - Christine Joan Charles.

6th Klang Valley - Patricia Elsa Jimy

7th Kapayan - Charmine Bartholomew

Its Look Like The End Is Coming Right Well I Dont Let It End Like This

I Will Extended My Post 

And I Will Share More After 

Let Us Inspire Each Each Other 

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