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Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Am Catholic I Am Alive...Sabah Youth Day-4 Tawau

I Have Nothing In Mind Than Thinking The Title Since It Was Significance During Sabah Youth Day 4. Anyway Recently Im Joining A Biggest Youth Camp Gathering In Sabah For Catholic Youth And Yes...Its SABAH YOUTH DAY. Few Years Ago Im About To Join The Camp But Sadly Last Minute I Pulled Out Because Of Work Commitment.

Well I Dont Want To Talk Much About My Story Related To Sabah Youth Day Here I Want To Show Some Of My Shot As A Participator And How I Handle My Lens Issue During 5 Days Camp.

I Brought A Half Broken Lens, a Sigma 28-105mm Lens Which Is Manually Focus Lens Not Originally But Been Modified By Me To End The Focusing Issue. Its Very Challenging As Photographer With Broken Lens....Anyway I Have Another Lens Which Is Not Essentially Good For Travel Or Big Events....
A Sony 100mm Macro Lens. How Odd It Is Right?

Well You Might Ask Why I Didnt Buy A New Lens Before The Camp? SIMPLE ANSWER....NOT ENOUGH BUDGET...But I Feel Grateful Because Today(Before I Wrote This Post) I Buy A New Lens As A Replacement For My Broken Lens A
 Tamron 17-50mm Lens. Thank GOD.

Again Im Not Going To Explain Further About My Sad Story Hahahaha

All N All I Am Grateful That I Can Join SABAH YOUTH DAY -4 Because My Fatih Renew Again And It Help Me As A Photographer To Be More Humble Than Before But At The Same Time I Get More Inspiration For My Future Portfolio And Idea Of Video Making.

Lastly I Want To Thank You to All My Family Especially My Mom And My Fans For Keep On Give Me A Support For My Passion. 

To All My Catholic Friends All Friends Out There 



Check Out All My Selection During Sabah Youth Day-4

P/S : Bare In Mind That All My Photo Been Capture Randomly So Accept My Apology For That :) :) 

Gear: Sony A65 = Sigma 28-105mm & Sony 100mm 
Eken N9 Action Camera

 My Parish Contingent Of St Michael Penampang Sabah Preparing For Sabah Youth Day 4 Opening Parade To Holy Trinity Church Tawau. 

 A Surprise Cake For Archbiship John Wong For Anniversary 

The Moment When The Significant Youth Cross Of Sabah Youth Day With Mother Mary Icon Been Brought To Open Arena Of Holy Trinity Tawau. A Crucial Moment That Will Bring 3000 Youth In Adventure Of 5 Days Camp :)

 An Awareness Campaign Lead By My Parish Youth Of St Michael Penampang To Stop A Kaiduan Dam. 

Okay Below Are My Little Favorite Selection Of Photo Which Require My Creativity In Emergency State 

Those Shot Taken During "TaiZe" Prayer And I Love To Take Photo Of This Moment Because I Require My Patience And Yeah This Is It. 

And Yes I Will Never Forget To Get Some Candy "BOKEH"

 And Now I Want To Share Some Random Shot I Take With My Friend With My Sony DSLT And Action Cam.

Some Shot Taken By My Friend So Don't Wonder Why Im In The Picture LOL

 Youth And Friend In Christ From St Joseph And  Holy Rosary Limbahau Papar Sabah.

Okay Below Are My Brother And Sister Who Previously Join An Emmaus Teens/Youth Camp And I Am Very Happy To See Them Again Unite Even Not All Of Them 

And This Is My Selfie During Our Walk to Holy Trinity Church For Upcoming Activity That Day 

 And.......... This Is A Photo Of My Sharing Group During Sabah Youth Day-4  :D :D :D :D

 Okay I Want To Stop Here But This Is Not The End Of My Post 

I Will Write An Extended Post With A Lot Of Photo That I Think Good Enough To Be Share As Soon As Possible

Till Then 

Let Us Inspire Each Other   

pSyce pHotography 

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