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Monday, October 3, 2016

To Keep Up My Random Idea On Weekend

Well Idea Is Not Always Come 
At Right Timing Right 
So With A Good Mood And Vibe 
And Right At Wrong Time
Doesn't Stop Me To Snap 
A Good Photo.

So That's What Happen To Me 
All The Time Kinda Bother Me Sometime 
But Its Okay Because
I Believe Good Output Will Occur.

And Yes This Is It,What I Think Good Idea At Some Random Wrong Time.
With My New Kinda Standard To Take Photo,
It Help Me A Lot. Plus With Three Sweet Girls,
Why Not Snap Something. :)

Play With Fan -------

Being Apathy Or Maybe Thinking To Far..........

Or After All Just Cover Your Face?

Or Just Not Care At All???

Or Last But Least Being Carefree...

Its Your Choice ;)

Before I End This Post,
I Want To Thank You 
Have A Bless :)

For A Moment I Will Be Quite Slow With Posting Here But Doesnt Mean Im Going To Quit No At All Just A Bit Slow....But I Am Coming With New Post For Sure.

As Usual 


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