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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hari Warga Kampus 18 (Part 1)

Alright This Will Be A Special Post For Those Attend The Camp And There Will Be 2 Part :)

There Will Be No Formal Journal About The Occasion Only Photo That Snap At The End Of The Camp.

At The Moment Im Writing This I Still Have No Clue To Start About It But Something Pop Up In My Head Remind Me The Previous Post From Youth JOM Camp Photo 

Check My Previous Post Here - (And You Will Understand Why)

Let Me Give A Brief Explanation About "HAri Warga Kampus" Or In English 
(The Campus Community Day) Its A Catholic Youth Camp And Gathering Of Student From Different University And College
The End
So My Current Way To Snap And Take Photo Are Just Wanna Have Fun But Slowly I Get To Set Some Standard So I Can Improve Myself :)

So Check It Out 

 I Still Don't Know What Is The Name 
Of This Pose (Yet Is Ask Them To Pose Like That)
 Continuation Of this Pose Is Getting An Attention 
 To A Big Crowd
 Different University And College
 No Matter Your Age 
 Who You Are 
 Boys And Girls
We Go Awesome Crazy Together 

Okay Thats All For Part One Of This Post. 

Part 2 Will Coming Soon 

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