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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 And Next...................!!!!!!!

Once Again Happy New Year To All Of You Guys.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

May This Year Will Bring More Bless To Us......


This Is The First Post For 2011 But I Will Share To You Guys Most Of My Work That I Havent Post Last Year...........

Well I Can Say I Have A Lot Of Good And Bad Memories Last Year And Also A Challenged That Never Stop Come To Me......

But I Will Never Stop Until My Last Breath Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Hehe

So This Post Will Be Special Post Where I Will Show Lot Of Photo Been Capture By Me Or My Fellow Friend Who Have A Chance To Capture A Photo With My Camera ^ ^

2 Month's Ago I've Been Away A Bit From Serious Photography Where i Want To Explore Something Different About Photography And Also i Let My Precious Been Hold By My Friend So I Can What That They Can Do And Most Of Them Done A Very Impressive Capture .....^ ^

So Now I Will Credit Them In My Post This Time For They Good Imagination ^ ^

1.Orlando Conrad 
2.Marceliza Puvok 
3.Jeremy Josue
4.Eugene Cheng

Well Done To You Guys !!!!!!!

Now Those Photo Are Been Capture Randomly By Me And Those In The List Too 

So Enjoy ^ ^

Black N White Is Awesome To Me ^ ^

When The Doctor X Attempt To Be Stronger (Talent : Paul Athama)

Holy Hour Of Mine ( Talent : Leslie Jvon )

Can You See Through My Heart ?? ( Talent : Leslie Raymond Biujin )

The Duel (Talent : Orlando Conrad , Resjee )

Add caption

The Joy Of Bully ??? (Talent : Orlando Conrad,Daniel Dan,Glenville Pingjoi )

My Camera Just Love Him So Much ( Talent : Paul Athama)

Hantu Lampu ( Talent : Orlando Conrad )


Damn I Been Trace!!!!!!!!!!! (Talent : Orlando Conrad)

The Duel Pt 2, It's To Counter Attack!!!!!!!!! (Talent : Orlando Conrad , Resjee )

Well That All So Far ................Hehe I Will Always Remember All This Moment Coz This Is Mean A Lot To Me ^ ^

So That's It...........

Till Then See You Guys At The Next Post ^ ^


Jeremiah said...

awesome pics :D looks like lots of fun playing around with the flash :D

pSyce!pHotography said...

Thank You Bro^ ^ Yeah The Flash Really Inspire Me Hahahaha Will Find More Motion That Will Require The Flash Hahahaha