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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Past Work ( Time Lapse Photography )

Another previous work i've done before and i use to post it here to but since I've a clearance of my blog so all my previous post completely vanish.

So This My Is One Of My Early Time Lapse Work Been Done Around September 2009
Where I Use My Digital Camera Nikon Coolpix S10 Every Shot Been Interval Every 30 Second Which I Really Require A Very Long Time. So I've Done The Shot In Different Time And Day But Still Maintain The Mode And The Story Which Is Not Been Plan To. I Start Realize Everything Become A Story When Those Shot Become One Complete Video With Background Music That Have A Same Plot Along With The Time Lapse Shot.
So In Below Is The Work I'm Talking About ^ ^

And This Is The Second Work I've Done Rite After One Month I've Done The First Shot

As For Myself I Feel Glad Done This At My University Because They Will Move To The New Location And The Current Location Will Not Be Use Anymore. So This Is My Story About The Journey Of Time Lapse At University Tun Abdul Razak Sabah Regional 2009^ ^

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