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Monday, June 22, 2015

One Year Since The Last Post

Well My Interest To Social Media Method Getting Decrease When I Knew The World That I Sued To Enjoy In Social Media Already Gone. The Era Was Already Gone Away.

Its Getting Different Than I Thought But Yet Im Still Love For What Im Doing,My Passion,Desire And More

Photography Never Dies

I Just Want To Let Everyone Who Happen To Read This, Im Still With My Photography World But Now Its Different Im Not Doing It With Big Sclae That Require Me To Get Out A Lot Now I Will Focus With Quality

Sometime I Will Go Out For Fun With My Camera But I Prefer To Keep It For Me Unless I Have A Mood To Share It Here.

Well As Recently In My Area In Sabah There Is An Earthquake Occur I Didnt Manage To Gain A Lot Of Coverage But Then I Gain It Slowly And I Found That One Of The Mountain Guide Is My Friend Siblings.

A Moment Of Silence........

It Reallt Affect When Something Happen To My Motherland And When It Involve Casualties It Hurt Me And Everyone.

Mount Kinabalu 16 Days Since The Earthquake A View From Pekan Nabalu 

One Of The Landslide Visible From Via Feratta Junction 

A Waterfall That Used To Be Straight Now Distort By The Earthquake

The Incident Also Lead To A Massive Mud Flood And Cause The District Around Loss A Water Supply Because The Dam Been Stuck By A Big Log Of Tree Brought By The Mud Flood.

**** I Didnt Have Any Photo From The Place Due To Restriction Safety

Well I Have Nothing More To Share For Now Hopefully I Have Something Good To Share Soon

Thank You For Those Giving Me A Support To Carry On May The Forza With You :D

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