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Monday, August 22, 2011

Back And Leave Again.....

Well It's Been A Month I Didn't Post Any New Stuff Here N Now Here It Is....
I Really Miss To Share Haha Got A Tons Of Photo To Be Share But Some It Missplace In My Hardisk....Sad.....But Nevermind, I Will Share More Soon...Hopefully

Okay...Now I Want To Share Something Great To Me....^ ^ 

2 Years Ago I Manage To Capture This Cloudspace From My Home Balcony.It Looks Like A Lizard Or Dragon To Me.
So Here It Is Back To 2 Years Ago....

Yeah...That It Is A Cloud That Pull My Attention 2 Year Ago 
With My Old Watermark Embedded I Still Remember Took It Around 5pm Almost Dusk Anyway This Shot Been Capture With "Nikon Coolpix S10"

And Two Weeks Ago At The Same Place Where I Capture The Photo Another Cloud Form Almost Similar With Cloud That Form 2 Year Ago...

Well It Might Not 100% Similar But Still Really2x Close Since I Take A Different Angle This Time.
This Shot Been Capture With Sony A200

All N All I Can Say It Is Awesome To Experience Something Like This.....Hopefully I Will See The Same Cloud Form One Day ^ ^